Top Factors to Consider When Choosing Employment Background Screening Services

The cost of hiring a bad employee goes far beyond the paycheck. It can also lead to lawsuits, property damage, lost productivity, and negative press for a company.

Choosing the right background screening services can help minimize these risks. Look for service providers with a fast turnaround time and comprehensive packages. They should be experienced with FCRA regulations and offer client support that is accessible and responsive.


Background checks performed by background screening company are a crucial part of the hiring process and can help companies make better decisions by providing them with accurate information about potential candidates. However, not all background check services are created equal. Finding one that is professional and reputable can make all the difference in ensuring that your company hires only the best talent.

Look for a firm that offers fast turnaround times and provides easy-to-read reports. Finding a service that can verify more complex information, like education and work experience, is also essential. Finally, choose a firm that understands the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and parallel state laws. Doing so can help you avoid legal hang-ups that could result in expensive lawsuits.


Hiring the wrong employee is a considerable company liability that can impact client relations, brand reputation, and sales. This is why choosing a company that provides thorough and accurate employment background checks is crucial.

Choosing a third-party screening provider with an established connection to record holders and the resources to do bulk searches helps speed up results and ensure accuracy. They should also be accredited by the National Association of Professional Screeners (NAPBS) and adhere to strict regulations.

Employers need to be able to trust the information they receive about their candidates, and that means checking for severe criminal convictions or blatant dishonesty. This way, they can make informed hiring decisions based on true information. A reliable background check can help eliminate bad hires, prevent workplace fraud, and save HR departments from unnecessary headaches.

Customer Service

When choosing background screening services, looking for a provider that values excellent customer service is essential. No one likes a lousy experience with business partners, especially regarding hiring.

In a tight job market, good customer service is essential for keeping the hiring process moving as quickly as possible. Background checks aren’t a turnkey industry, so snags do happen, but finding a vendor that will work hard to resolve them quickly and efficiently is essential. They should also seamlessly integrate into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resource Information System (HRIS).


Regarding background checks for employment, the process must be flexible enough to match your company’s hiring needs. This means having the ability to verify additional information, like social media records, certifications, and educational backgrounds, as well as offering turnaround times consistent with your hiring schedule.

Also, consider the availability of customer support via email, live chat, or phone. Having the option to reach out to someone in person is especially helpful when any problems may occur during the screening process. This can help prevent unnecessary delays that can impact your hiring schedule and the overall success of your business.


Cost is a factor for many organizations when choosing employment background screening services. Hiring mistakes can be costly, and a comprehensive background check can save companies money.

Look for a provider with flexible packages and turnaround times that match your hiring process. A good provider will also help you customize your screening procedures based on the job role.

A reputable provider will understand and comply with the various federal and state laws, including the “ban-the-box” movement. This includes knowing the requirements of each local jurisdiction, which vary widely. It will also know which information is legally searchable and which is not. This is a vast difference from DIY websites that offer instant name searches, which may violate FCRA. They could also provide inaccurate information to open you up to a negligent hiring lawsuit.