Top Safety Measures To Follow for Eyelash Extensions

If you are planning to get eyelash extensions or are thinking of providing these services to women, you are at the right place. These eyelash extensions help eyes look beautiful and more prominent.

You may think that you just need to professionally apply the eyelash extensions on the natural lashes with semi-permanent glue, and you are good to go. That is not the case, and there are several safety measures you must follow.

You can also join an online lash extension course to achieve deeper insights into the area. To discuss the prime precautions to be taken while getting eyelash extensions.

The aesthetician matters

Since the eyelash extension is done by a professional aesthetician, they must attain thorough training and certification like the online lash extension course or have gained work experience in lash extensions.

If you wish to keep the eyes of the customer as safe as possible, the lash must be dealt with by an experienced person in a sanitised setting along with chemicals that are not harmful to the human body in any way.

Research about the salon or shop

Yes! The shop or place where you choose to get your eyelash extension done also matters a lot. Since the procedure of eyelash extensions comes with certain risks, it is best to get it done by a salon or agency that specialises in the same.

Moreover, the inadequate hygienic conditions in your shop or any damage to the eyes of the person can lead to advanced infection.

A sharp object is used for the procedure, which is extremely close to your eyes. The same further increases the risk involved in the extension process.

You might get trauma or infection on the cornea or the eyelid; the glue can cause an allergic reaction too and eventually lead to a temporary or full-fledged permanent loss of your eyelashes.

Glue Ingredients must be checked

This is an important safety measure that has been time and again ignored. The ingredients in the pasting glue are known to cause allergic reactions in the body. Some of the glues used in eyelash extension processes have the allergen formaldehyde.

This constituent would cause redness, itching, swelling, and even trigger pain in the person’s body getting the eyelash extension done.

Harmful glue can even interfere with normal human vision. The US Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate the raw material in eyelash extensions and the glue used with the mix.

Do not rub your eyes

You should not go for eyelash extensions if you have sparse eyelashes already. Any force – tugging, rubbing, or even pulling- can fracture the natural eyelashes, leading to permanent damage to the follicle.

Moreover, fibres can also get stuck under your eye tissue due to eyelash extensions.

It is strongly suggested to go to an ophthalmologist or an eye specialist for any issue in your eyes caused by the eyelash extensions.

Wrapping Up

Eyelash extensions have been gaining popularity in the market over the few years with their unique and new look. However, this look doesn’t come without some risks and issues.

It is strongly advised to be aware of the situations mentioned above and follow the safety measures. By keeping a check and following the aesthetician’s instructions, you are assured of a great and safe experience.


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