5 Sneaky Ways to Convert Your Casual Dress Into a Formal Office Wear

Is the yellow ‘too yellow’?

Will the floral print look formal enough?

Whether you thrive on casual or just got an invitation to attend an office meet post the garden party, these questions are apparent. After all, you have to look your best while aligning your dress sense with decorum. But, the real question is how to make the most out of your situation.

No need to panic. From formalising casual summer dresses to getting the boss look, here’s you can do it all!

How Do You Even Bring Out the Formal in Your Casual Look?

Business Casual, Biz Formal, Semi-Formal – There are so many categories where you can fit your style with creativity at the workplace. 

While your clothing can contribute to the perception of people towards you, it’s also an expression of your individuality. That’s to say, even if you don’t abide by the ‘traditional’ concept of a business setting outfit, here’s how you can boss up with casuals! 

Reach for the heights with heels!

There’s no style problem that a pair of good heels can’t solve. Just couple the midi dress with your favourite sleek shoes to add a tone of elegance to your attire. 

Seize the day with a cinched waist!

Not only can you add shape to your overall appearance but also revamp the look to turn into formal with a belt. Whether it’s a flowy midi or a comfortable tee dress, you can strap up the mid-section of your body for elongated yet elegant office attire.

Hey! Don’t forget to add a piece of statement jewellery to raise the office-wear standard.

Capture the classics!

Summers are for floral print, neutral hues and classic patterns. To convert your casual look into formal, you can pick from the all-time colours like blues, creams, pastels etc. Not only will the entire appearance be soothing for the eyes, but it will also be convenient to accessorise for an office event. 

Boss up with a blazer!

The surest and the safest way to blend in any business setting is through the incorporation of a blazer in your style. Pick any neutral toned jackets to go with the warm months. Besides, ensure that your coat is not only high quality but also well-fitted to exude the confidence in your appearance better.

Add Suave with Makeup!

The dazzling cheeks are perfect for an outing with friends but what speaks more about class in office settings is minimalism. To see that casual dress fits nicely in a business setup, ensure that you go with ‘less is more’ makeup routine. A stroke of eyeliner with nude lipstick will nicely mix with the floral dress to give you a formal appearance.

Un-mess the hairstyle!

While beach tresses are fabulous for an evening stroll, an official setup requires you to look more put together. That’s to say, you can adjust your hair into a neatly tucked bun or even a French braid to bring out the chic yet elegant look. 

In A Nutshell

If you have a wardrobe full of breezy casual dresses, an invitation with ‘strictly formal’ code can be such a bummer. But, with the perfectly stylish tips by your side, you can transform any dress into formal wear. Precisely, now you can look the best without breaking any rules, or the bank.


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