Top Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Restroom

Restroom Remodeling Tips

Remodeling your restroom is exciting but rushing into the process is likely to lead to mistakes. Here are some things to consider before you get ahead of yourself! 


First things first, how much space do you have available in your restroom? The smaller the room, the more you’ll need space-saving and space-expanding tips. For instance, you could install floating vanity, use lots of white, add a big mirror, and take advantage of other strategies. On the other hand, those with more space don’t have to be as careful. 


There’s little use planning a huge remodel with all new fixtures and fittings if you don’t have the budget for it. Once again, your budget will determine what you can and can’t do when remodelling your restroom. When starting on this journey, check some bathroom designs in Sydney to get an idea of what they cost and whether they fit into your budget. 


Do you need to add accessibility features for somebody who lives in the house? Could you need these features in the future? For example, you might opt for the following: 

  • Lever faucets
  • Handheld showers 
  • Walk-in showers
  • Rolling shower seat 
  • Floating sink (accessible for wheelchair users) 
  • Bidet
  • Lower light switches 
  • Grab bars 

Wiring/Electrical Needs 

Many years ago, restrooms weren’t built with electrical needs in mind because it was unnecessary. Now, people want plug sockets for their devices, razors, hairdryers, and all sorts of other devices. If you want electric points in your restroom, this is something to consider during the planning phase. By updating the electrical power in the room, you don’t overload outdated sockets and points that weren’t made to handle modern demands. 


Are you tired of walking into the restroom in the morning and getting cold feet? If this is the case, try heated tiles or find another way to alleviate this problem. After putting lots of resources into the remodelling process, you don’t then want to dread going into the restroom in the mornings because of the cold tiles. With a programmable thermostat, you can set the tiles to come on shortly before you wake up and feel welcomed into the restroom in the mornings rather than wanting to be back in bed. 


Sadly, many homeowners forget the vents despite the problems that missing them causes. Vents play an important role in the process because they give moisture a place to escape. Without vents, moisture sits on the walls of the restroom, and this can lead to mould. Thankfully, designs have improved plenty over the years and you no longer need to get annoyed by noisy systems. 

With modern systems, you can set the vent to run for a while after your shower; this will remove all steam from the bathroom. With less humidity, you shouldn’t have to deal with quite so much mould, and this makes it a much more pleasant place for all guests. 

Other Considerations 

With this, you now have some of the biggest considerations for your restroom remodel. Among all these things, remember to keep your needs in mind. If there’s something that especially led to a remodel project, ask the designer to bear this in mind. You could also think about drying washing, replacement parts, insulting the pipes, lighting, and the height of everything. If you plan to live in the property for many decades, adjust the height of everything for you and your family. 

After some careful planning, you’ll get the restroom that you deserve and desire without any problems! 

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