What’s The Difference Between an Above Counter Bathroom Basin and Below Counter Bathroom Basin?

When completing a bathroom renovation or design, choosing the right sink can make a big difference in the functionality and appearance of the room. One of the choices to be made is to select an above-the-counter basin or a below-the-counter basin, and this decision will change the ease with which the area is used, the available styles, and the ease of installation.

Above Counter Basin

An above-counter basin is the sink’s basin installed on the counter or above the counter height. This offers a wide range of styles, colors, shapes, and more options. As the counter supports the weight of the basin, it is secured easily, and there is a low chance of it falling or moving freely. The limitation in cleaning comes from the inability to brush the water off the counter into the basin for easy cleaning, but a large basin will catch more of the water, avoiding spills. The taps can be matched to the style of the sink, and where a taller basin is selected, a taller faucet will need to be chosen.

Below Counter Basin

A below the counter basin is mounted, so the basin is below the countertop, and the counter will reach the basin’s inner rim. When spills occur, the water can be wiped off the counter and back into the sink for easy clean-up. A layer of adhesive is required for an under-mounted sink to seal the area between the sink and the counter and to help hold the sink up. If this seal weakens, water can get between the basin and the counter and lead to damages to the counter, or the adhesive can weaken, and the sink may fall downwards and disconnect from the counter.


The installation process for bathroom basins Melbourne installs is a little different from other places that install these basins, however, not much is different. Many above-counter basins are dropped down into the hole made for the basin, or the pipes are aligned. The basin rests on the counter, while below the counter basin is installed from beneath the counter and raised up to be attached to the counter. An on-the-counter basin is easier to install and can be moved as needed for repairs, while and under the counter basin requires an exact size and shape of the basin chosen.


A sink basin can be in many different styles and shapes. There is a basin to fit any style and any personality, including a square, rounded bowl, and more. An above-the-counter basin allows more flexibility in size and shape, and it will be easily seen, making it a statement piece within the bathroom or kitchen. Under-the-counter basins are limited to shapes and styles, usually round, square, or oval, and will appear sleek and minimalist with the under mounting hidden within the cupboard. 


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