Top travel tips for solo travelers

solo travelers

A life without traveling is surely a life half lived and solo travels are an integral part of the traveling regime. And thus, people are becoming more aware of traveling alone, as it is becoming a popular trend. But traveling alone has different perspectives for different people. While the common belief is traveling solo to find yourself, there are a thousand other things that are learned from solo trips.

Traveling alone consists of finding life’s beauty and be grateful for it with learning things like self-belief and self-resilience. And solo traveling in Europe not only introduces you to a beautiful destination. But it works as a window through which you can introduce yourself. And to make your solo traveling more impactful and wonderful, we have compiled top travel tips for solo travelers.

Let’s know the top travel tips for solo travelers

Start with a strong base

Planning is the base of every travel plan and the more concrete the base is, the better the building upon it will be standing. Booking direct flights to Poland from USA and visiting there with no travel lists will make you lose a lot of time in confusion and chaos. 

You don’t have to have an elaborate plan, but mark the outline of the things you are going to do and the place you will be visiting. This will help you make all of your bookings in advance and you won’t miss anything out at the end.

Be light with packing

Europe is a vast continent and traveling it with a lot of luggage will only make the journey difficult for you. Instead of throwing every dress, you have in your wardrobe, go with the essentials only. Pack up clothes you can wear several times, like t-shirts along with a waterproof jacket and a pair of waterproof shoes. 

Europe’s weather can be unpredictable at times, and sudden showers are common between September and November. Thus, being prepared is always best, and don’t forget to pack extra socks as you will need them. However, clothes are not the only thing to think about. Always carry a first aid kit with you for emergencies. Another tip is to know how to perform First Aid and CPR so you can travel prepared for any situation.

Communicate with others

While traveling alone, the only constant person you have with you is a stranger. And we human beings are social beings who need to share our stories. Thus, get out of your shell and start initiating conversations with anyone that looks worthy around. And you will be amazed how many of them turn out and you may earn some lifelong connections.

European people love chatting and are very welcoming to people from across the world. Just hit them with a suitable topic and you will get someone to chat with for hours. 

Explore beyond popular places

If you are booking a flight from USA to London to see Buckingham Palace, then you might waste your money. Choose all the things that can be done alone, like riding the London Eye, or walking up the London Bridge. 

Solo traveling is about connecting personally with a destination and it isn’t complete with visiting the popular places only. Book yourself some show tickets, get into a local festival, walk down the city center, and do things you can do alone. These experiences will help you feel self-fulfillment and you will start enjoying your company.

Don’t be afraid to learn new things

The best thing about solo travel is the ability to fulfill your long-lost desires. Always wanted to learn pottery or painting? Enroll yourself in a class and learn with unknown people without the fear of judgment. These classes not only help you learn new skills but also allow you to become friends with the locals.

No matter what you learn a new language or a new skill, you will get to explore Europe in the best possible way.

Choose the roads less traveled

Instead of going to the popular experiences only, take the roads less traveled. The uncommon tourist spots mostly provide you with the best of memories. The lesser-known paths with a few travelers are the best way to travel alone.

Carry a separate copy for your documents

Lossing your documents in a foreign land is an experience that nobody wants to witness. Always keep a separate photocopy of all of your essential documents in a zipped bag all along with you. Also, make an e-copy of your documents and save them to your drive.

Make books your best friend

As there is no better companion than a book, it is always better to accompany yourself with one. There is a difference between traveling alone and feeling lonely and whenever you are feeling the alter you can read a book. Not only do books share stories with you but also they allow you to enter into a new world.

Choose a book whenever you feel like waiting for long hours or need someone to pass your time with. The best books to read while traveling are books related to the local language or local cuisine. And can help you with your tip and explore Europe like a pro traveler.

Dress up like a local

The best way to stay safe while traveling overseas is to dress like a local. Choose clothes that can help you look-alike one and avoid wearing things like a money belt that screams that you are a traveler. No matter where you are traveling to, dressing up like a local is the best way to ensure your safety.

If you are planning to walk on London streets in a glittery dress and “I love the US cap”. Then it is calling out the robbers yourself, screaming that “hey I am a tourist” and an easy target to be robbed. 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

The best way to start a conversation is to ask a question and see the quality of the response you get. And if the response seems engaging, you can put up another question and a pleasant conversation would follow. 

Locals relate to a destination and they like talking about their hometown. Thus, strike a question like what is the best place to stay nearby, or where can I find this thing. Don’t forget to thank them for their generosity and time.