Types of Cases Presented in a Court of Law

There are different types of cases, but they fall under two categories. Civil cases usually involve private citizens or companies suing each other in court. They are not about breaking a criminal law. Family cases like child support, divorce, and landlord/tenant cases are some examples of civil cases. The second category is criminal cases.

These are lawsuits filed by the state against an individual who has broken a criminal law. The penalty for being found guilty of a criminal offense is a jail term or fine or both. Hence, criminal cases have various constitutional rights, such as the right to a lawyer if they can’t afford one. The following are examples of cases. To get detailed information about types of cases, visit Chudnovsky Law’s website.

Domestic Violence Case

Domestic violence accusations can be very distressing and embarrassing. In most cases, they are false allegations from angry partners on a mission to get revenge. The accused usually feels already judged, even before facts are heard. If you are in such a situation, hire a lawyer asap. Little or no physical evidence is needed to prove one is guilty.

Thus, it is very vital to hire an experienced domestic abuse attorney. NCBI describes the types of domestic violence. Various legal defenses can be utilized for domestic violence like if the defendant was wrongly accused, it was an accident, or the accused acted in self-defense, among others. Visit Chudnovsky Law’s website and check some legal defenses for domestic violence cases.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes include possession, manufacturing, transportation, and drug trafficking of illegal drugs, among others. Illegal drugs include heroin, cocaine, crack, and marijuana among others. Visit Chudnovsky Law’s Website to know the California drug possession, distribution, and trafficking laws 2020. Some drug charge defenses are momentary possession, no possession or control, you didn’t know the drugs were there or you had a valid prescription.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery cases include a simple battery, assault, aggravated battery, domestic battery, or sexual battery. There are numerous legal defenses to assault or battery crimes like if you were wrongly accused, there is insufficient evidence, or you didn’t willfully act.

Theft Crimes

These include shoplifting, robbery, armed robbery, having the stolen property, or petty theft. Penalties for theft crimes are based on what was stolen and its value, whether weapons were used and anyone was threatened or injured, among others. You can win a theft case by arguing that there was no intent to steal, you had the consent of the owner or you were falsely accused. You can visit Chudnovsky Law’s website to learn more about theft crime defenses.

Medical License Defense Case

Medical license accusations and investigations put on your reputation, medical license, and career. Medical license issues include medical Practice Act violations, physician DUI or criminal charges, professional misconduct, or medical board disciplinary actions. An Indian Journal of Urology gives examples of medical negligence cases in which compensation was awarded.

The above are just a few types of cases handled in a court, Visit Chudnovsky Law’s Website and learn more. You will also get details of every case, what it involves, and some defense strategies to help you win your case.