Unique Peacock Tattoos – What Do You Think?

unique peacock tattoos

Unique Peacock tattoos are a great way to showcase some of the best designs and colors you can get in tattoo art.

But beware of the wearer of the peacock design! Depending on who you believe, these tattoos can either represent beauty and majesty, or they can signify distrust and the “evil eye”.

 How you interpret tattoos is entirely up to you, and there is certainly no shortage of popularity for this particular tattoo motif.

You can also try unique peacock tattoos because they are widely used throughout Asia and the Middle East. For many, they represent the eyes of God that see all and know all.

Popularity of tattoos in China:

 In China, people consider these tattoos the sign of immortality and an unbreakable oath. Why have these tattoos?

Which convey such a strong and positive message in one part of the world, represented the opposite in other parts?

Popularity of peacock tattoos in ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece:

In ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece, the feather is highly suspect, and should you have tattoos, you may not receive a warm welcome in those areas.

Symbolic representation:

They are interpreted as God’s all-seeing eyes, and therefore any transgression is seen by God. Very few modern households today will allow a single peacock feather through their door.

Of course, your background and beliefs play a role in your choice of these tattoos and designs. Personally, I opt for the Eastern faith and like to associate the peacock with the positive aspects of divinity.

In China, the peacock is considered to represent royalty. Some people keep peacock as a pet because they are very auspicious for them.

Interpretations about peacock tattoos:

If you have thought through your tattoos and designs well before choosing a motif. The meaning of the peacock will also be ingrained in your mind. We often have to attach meaning to the motif we choose, and the peacock will not disappoint us with a plethora of interpretations.

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