Vedic Astrology – Did You Know This Type Of Astrology

Vedic astrology

Originated in the Vedas, India’s ancient system of knowledge, Vedic astrology is based on the trust that the stars and planets have a powerful effect on our lives. 

As per Hindu lessons, life is intended for spiritual development. This growth is, in part, facilitated by karma, the idea that every thought and action has an equivalent reaction. An astrologer in Toronto can help you gain the finest understanding. 

Dubbed also the “science of fate,” astrology is used to understand all features of life, including the future accomplishment of a particular attempt, like a wedding, moving into a new home, or a business scheme. In the past, it was even used as a way of forecasting the outcomes of fights in the war, or a specific governmental decision. As a result, rulers would frequently employ astrologers to offer them better insight as to how they might best run their kingdoms.

The Vedas say that an individual’s karma is directly connected to the position of the planets and stars, and therefore astrology is the technique of understanding one’s karma by investigating these positions.

Originally recognized as Jyotish, or “the science of light,” Vedic astrology is considered by several to be the eye of the Vedas since it is meant to offer guidance to persons who feel lost or confused on their life’s journey.

What is Vedic Astrology?

The Vedic-astrology chart is the ancient mythos of Eastern astrology. It states that the sun, planets, moon, and stars were found at least 5000 years before by the sky watcher Vedic rishis in early India. These antique astronomers developed a comprehensive classification scheme of the visible fixed stars and celestial bodies as entities of study, observation, and analysis.

There is a complete interpretation of the subject’s internal qualities, both hidden plus revealed. A highly comprehensive study of the individual psyche that sprang from the primeval Indian thought of ‘the whole is more than the sum of its parts.’ You can consult with an Indian astrologer in Toronto.

The Vedic-astrology chart is a graphical image of the position of the stars plus planets at the specific date, time, and place of your birth.

Western vs. Vedic Astrology

A vital difference between Western and Vedic, also identified as Indian astrology, is the use of diverse zodiac systems. Western astrologers use the tropical zodiac, based upon the seasons and the location between the sun and Earth. In the tropical zodiac, the Spring Equinox always overlaps with the start of the Aries season. 

By contrast, Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac which is based upon the physical locations of the constellations in the sky. As the Earth rotates on its axis it experiences a bit of a tilt, a whirl identified as precession. As such the stars and constellations do not stay fixed; each star moves approximately one degree every 70 odd years.

While Western astrology does not make this move into account, the sidereal system identifies the inconsistency and corrects it inside the birth chart using a system called ayanamsa. For this cause, your sun sign in Vedic astrology might very well be different than what you have formerly accepted. The universe exists to surprise.

What Could You Learn from a Vedic Chart?

If you’re interested in a Vedic reading of your chart, the most significant thing is to make sure you are getting a session with a seasoned best astrologer in Canada. As stated, Jyotishis study for years and take their craft and spirituality very seriously. Because Jyotish has been practiced constantly for thousands of years, experts have developed and refined several methods of timing and prediction that could be delivered with great precision. Astrology is a fully combined part of life in India, through society and culture. Heads of Government consult astrologers for direction and parents of newborn babies reserve sessions to learn about the course of their child’s life.

Vedic Astrology has a vital role in life

One of the key causes, why Astrology Forecasts play a crucial role in one’s life, is since it acts as a controlling light in your life. A thorough and precise Vedic astrology birth chart birth could serve as your life compass and you could receive a nice sense of track and purpose. You can use them to your advantage and embark on a voyage of self-discovery, ultimately improving your personal life. This is exclusive because it permits you to gain conscious alertness of your usual condition. Another key reason why the art of Astrology is vital is that it allows you the much-needed liberty and choice in your life. 


Getting a reading over the Vedic lens is a commitment.  Vedic Indian astrologer gives thorough readings that last numerous hours or are broken up into separate sessions over a few days. If you are prepared to move on from the meme accounts and take a deep dive into your life’s purpose, Vedic astrology may be for you.


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