Ways to Use Weight Lifting Belts For Best Efficiency

best weight lifting belts

You may have seen weight lifting belts used by people in gyms during squats or deadlifts. Weight belts are used to increase the efficiency of the workout and protect the waist and back from injuries. They are very effective in adding more strength to the workout, and they can even replace weights. During exercises like squats or weightlifting, the performance can be increased using the best weight lifting belts. Using these belts is the right way to put more strength into the workout. However, belts can have a negative impact if you do not use them the right way. Like anything else, there is a right and the wrong way to use these belts. It is essential to understand the right time and practice to use weightlifting belts. 

Choosing the right weight belt

Use a weight lifting belt only if you follow a heavy weightlifting routine. Wearing a weight lifting belt can be helpful in enhancing your performance during the workout. You can lift heavier weights during deadlifts, cleans, snatches and squats. If you do not regularly follow such kind of heavy weight lift routine, wearing a weight lift belt is not that important. 

Weight Lift belts can also be used during heavy standing overhead press lifts to balance and decrease stress on your spine. 

Choose the belt with the same width overall 

When choosing a weightlifting belt, choose a belt with the same width all around. The best belts for weightlifting have equal width at the back and front. Usually, the customers go for belts that are wider at the back and skinny at the front. But those belts do not offer even support to your waist. Find a belt with approximately a width of 3 to 4 inches. 

If you are not sure about the belt size appropriate for you, go for a 3-inch belt. It is safe to use for beginners and even comfortable to use during workouts. Also, note the thickness of the belt; it is more comfortable when it is thicker. 

Wear your belt right over your belly button on the waist

Make sure that the belt sits right over your abdomen. Do not wear it below your stomach. It may feel comfortable, but it will not affect your performance during lifts. 

Based on the exercise type, shift the position of the belt slightly due to the movements. 

Tighten it till the point you are comfortable

While tightening the belt, inhale deeply to flex your core. Tighten it till the point when you feel the core pushing against the belt. Best lifting belts only work the best when you wear them the right way. But ensure that you do not tie the belt too tight that it stops your breath. It should not be uncomfortable. While working out with the belt for a long time, you will understand the ideal tightening level of the belt. You can adjust the belt if it feels too tight during the workout. It should be supportive and not uncomfortable that interrupts your exercise. 

Weightlifting belts can be highly effective in enhancing the impact of your workout. Wear the using these steps to ensure that they work at their best.


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