What are the ideas of Islamic education?

If you are searching for the ideas of Islamic education then it is a must to know what is Islamic education? Why it is important?.

What is Islamic Education?

Basically, Islamic education is a complete education. When you get this education that means you will excel in every field of life. As a Muslim, it is your foremost duty to learn about your religion and its rules. Quran is the last and the only holy book of the Muslims that is present in its pure form. It is the book of guidance. Muslims believe that there is only one ALLAH who is the owner, creator, and planner of their life. Nothing can move or do anything without the ALLAH’S permission. So basically in Islamic education, you will learn about the Islam religion, Allah, his messengers, and the creation of ALLAH.

Importance of Islamic Education:

ALLAH created a man from the clot of blood(Surah Al Alaq)  that is mentioned in the holy book Quran. Then in the same holy book in Same in Surah Al Aala Allah told, he created a man from the water. We also listen that Human beings are created by mud. Then to what think you believe you will get confused. But, if you have an Islamic education you learn the Quran deep and then all three things will clear in your mind. These all are true because it is mentioned in Quran.

When you enter the school your teacher guides you and tells you the rules to follow. The same is with us, We are sent by Allah to this life and there are some rules those are set by our creator. To learn about these rules you need an Islamic education to make your life a happy place to live. Now the technology makes everything so easy you can also enroll your kids in the online Quran classes for kids. It is one of the best platforms to pursue Islamic education in kids.

Ideas of Islamic Education:

In this era of life, everyone is busy and running behind the things of the world. Give time to your kids and teach them about Islam and the real meaning of your birth. Use some attractive things to teach them.

  • Tell the life of Allah’s messenger in the form of a story to your kids. And tell them how much difficult a time they face and what is our duty is? Tell the moral of the complete story and tell them to follow these teachings in personal life.
  • Make some creative activity for them to memorize the Dua of the Quran.
  • Establish a friendly relation with ALLAH and tell them how secure their life is when they practice the Qurani Dua’s in life.
  • Start from Noorani Qaida, first tell the kids how to read the Quran and then memorize little Dua and move forward.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask. Utilize the internet in a good way and make your life happy.

Naveed iqbal

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