What do you need to know about Digital Postal Scales for business?


If you are a business owner, employee efficiency and reduction of production expenses are the top of your priorities. Increasing efficiency automatically minimises time and energy. This results in the reduction of production costs.

The postal scale or parcel weighing scale is one of those machines that boosts efficiency while reducing time.

Have you ever wondered much time is wasted on your monthly postal costs? To weigh the items, wait in line for hours just to deliver some documents?

Well, postal scales are the solution for these problems.

What’s a postal scale?

A postal scale is a sensitive weighing machine developed to weigh pieces of mail and determine the postage rate. Most of the large businesses own a postal scale to save overpayment of postage and make shipping much more accessible.

Many are unaware of the benefits of postal scales. It saves man-hours, thousands of pounds of the excess postage cost, and trips to the local post office.

There are two basic designs of postal scales—mechanical and digital. Mechanical, as the name suggests, the weight is reflected by a needle. It is effective but can be misleading in most cases.

The other one is the digital postal scale. These are super sensitive to weight and gives the correct reading on a display screen at the front.

Digital postal scales

Digital postal scales or parcel weighing scales can be highly expensive, especially compared to their mechanical counterparts.

But they offer a range of amazing benefits. One of the significant benefits is that digital scales can be connected to the internet. This gives them the current shipping rate information from the post offices to give you the exact rate of your packaging.

In addition to this, high-end digital parcel weighing scales can be connected to a nearby postage meter. You can easily print out shipping labels instantly, saving your trips and hours of waiting with each product.

For instance, if you are shipping a product via priority mail, your digital scale will provide you with the exact shipping rate along with the precise weight of the package. You can simply print it and attach it to the packaging material.

The longevity of digital postal scales is much more than mechanical ones. Even after years of use, it works perfectly fine. So, it is an investment rather than a buy.

Differences between mechanical and digital postal scales

Although significantly more expensive than mechanical scales, digital postal scales have more benefits.

Mechanical postal scales use a needle to indicate the weight of a parcel. Then once you get the weight, the postage rate is to be calculated manually.

On the other hand, digital scales are more efficient and can be connected to the internet, thus making the calculations automatically.

Machinal parcel weighing scales uses a set of spring to identify the weight of the parcel. However, with time, these springs can stretch out, making inaccurate readings on the scale.

If heavily used, thorough maintenance is required for these scales, thus adding to the cost of expenses. With digital scales, once you buy it, it will give accurate readings more months on end.

Just some periodic electronic updates will ensure the accuracy of the scale. Some high-quality scales also show comparison postage rates, showing how the mail cost will affect id sent by other methods.

Why do you need postal scales for your business?

You can pre-pay the postage account making things easier for your accounting department. A postal scale can be a life saviour.

It has the potential to save your business thousands of pounds over time.

For example, an e-commerce company requires to send out hundreds of mails at a time. Overpaying for postage is a genuine problem associated with the shipping of parcels.

Employees free of waiting in line for hours can simply pack, weigh the package, and get the printed label with a digital parcel weighing scale. A mail carrier can then pick up the packages.

But it also matters from where you are buying this digital postal scale. Some companies sell these scales at an enormous price, making it difficult for smaller businesses to invest in them. Well pack Europe is a packaging distributor company with a wide range of industrial supplies like digital postal scales and packaging materials.