When the Saints Go Marching on YouTube?


There have been many videos posted on YouTube regarding when the Saints go marching in YouTube. It has appeared that there is a special group of people who enjoy parading through YouTube and making fun of Christians and faith. When you see several videos such as these, it is easy to judge why people may have a problem with other people’s faith. So what exactly is so bad about these videos?

The Saints are depicted as an occupying force in Video YouTube.

The Saints are depicted as an occupying force in Video YouTube. They are the Jews of YouTube. The same group that marched in Ferguson, Mo., also paraded through YouTube with a large sign saying, “Compensation for Victims!” At one point in time they even had a large cross pointing to Israel. In fact, the leader of this group called himself a “soldier of Christ” and said he was here to “stop the war.”

Other videos on YouTube have people saying things like, “I hate all Christians!” and “Pray for AIDS!” Yes, there are a lot of Christians out there who believe that God is helping those with the disease and not killing them. These statements are filled with hate and are unacceptable.

It appears that these groups are made up of individuals or small groups who download youtube go for pc windows 7 go onto YouTube, get a camera and begin parading as a group, with their sign, walking around, talking to everyone they run into. This is not acceptable. In fact, it is probably illegal to do this. These groups should be reported to the proper authorities for criminal activity.

There is an organization called Peace

There is an organization called Peace and Love USA, which was formed as a result of the Saints game. The group parades as the “Lusty Angels”, but their uniform is pink. When the Saints go marching on YouTube they are wearing navy blue uniforms. Someone must be aware that the name is in error, the color they wear is incorrect. It appears that they are promoting sex tourism instead of a peaceful group trying to raise awareness for a problem that affects many. I can understand the frustration some people are feeling when watching these videos.

I can understand that the person in charge of producing these videos felt a little embarrassed when the team wearing the pink uniforms were revealed. This shows a lack of respect for the group. It looks like a punk group trying to be a trendy fashion statement. This could offend some viewers and make others very upset. Something to think about when watching any type of rally, I am sure.

When the Saints go marching in YouTube it appears that this group has been exposed as a fraudulent organization. Their website does not list anyone as the group’s president or any other official role. No one from the group has contacted me to let me know what the mission is or who they are. Anyone who knows anything about this group should contact me because I am an expert on this topic and have looked at several videos that promote the same agenda.


Many people are confused as to why a group out of the US military would have to wear an embarrassing pink t-shirt. They are also confused as to why someone out of the military would have to participate in a pro-life parade. I guess the answer to those questions is that anyone involved with the US military wants to be respected. They want to be recognized for the hard work that they do each day. Pro-life groups want to make a statement, but they need to find a nice way to do it without offending the very groups they are trying to recruit.