What is Chiropractic neurology?

Chiropractic neurology can help, empower and significantly improve the quality of life for people with a variety of issues.
People with a variety of challenges – be it aging, athletic goals, neurological

neurological disorders, memory loss or difficulty concentrating. Your goal is to create conditions
Creating conditions for optimal functioning – for thriving, well-being and early prevention.

She builds bridges

between and integrates chiropractic knowledge, psychology, orthodox medicine
optometry, audiology, and physical and occupational therapy to provide both a form of
brain training for excellence and a powerful system for healing disorders
rooted in the nervous system.

A “Neurology Dubai” is a further refinement of the specialization in this field.
specialization in this field and must complete doctoral and post-graduate training as well as a
demanding certification process. At the end of their training, they have the ability to
Assess and respond to a broad range of problems encountered in a clinical setting.

They take a holistic approach that includes a thorough understanding of the
nervous system with sensitivity to the unique needs of individual patients. They are
Are able to provide sustainable, safe and effective long-term solutions.

The practice of a functional neurologist is diverse, and they may draw on a number of strategies
Strategies to activate and rebalance the nervous system.

Seeing, hearing, smelling and moving. The effects of the therapies are monitored by
Measurements of metabolic changes monitored, and by specific dietary prescriptions and

Neurology hospital in Dubai

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