What is hat distressing and how you to do it?

hat dressing

Hats have become part of everyday fashion, and all hats look attractive depending on how well the wearer can carry them. 

Besides fashion, hats have high utility as they protect the head and face from weather elements, especially the harmful UV rays of sunlight. Therefore, wearing hats during the day is more for its functionality while aiding fashion. Women who frequently move outdoors prefer to wear a straw fedora hat which serves as a sun hat. Although felt and suede were the traditional materials for fedora hats, the evolution of the style. And the changing needs have popularized other materials like straw which are more versatile and easy to maintain. As the retro-inspired styles are gaining popularity. It becomes necessary to alter the looks of new hats by distressing them to acquire vintage looks. 

You will rarely find authentic retro-style hats sold in the market. And you need to tone down the shine and gloss of new hats .So that it looks like a hat of the yesteryears. There are ways to tamper with the looks of a new-age hat by following the process .Known as distressing so that you can impart the retro looks to it that are unique.  Retro-style hats can help you grab eyeballs while you stand out from the crowd. 

The concept of distressing hats

Rough and rugged-looking hats are often much attractive. Amid the sea of conventional hat styles, and those who dare to swim. Against the tide are keen to adopt the retro looks with some contemporary touches. Although the concept of making some new items look worn down might.Seem quite perplexing.It has been the way for many years in the fashion world. Remember how people adapted torn and tattered jeans as part of mainstream fashion that became a trendsetter. 

The method of distressing hats is quite similar to bleaching a pair of new jeans .Making holes in them to create worn outlooks. Many people take to retro styles to add some character and authenticity. To their concept about fashion and earn the satisfaction of bucking the trend.  It is a way of creating a new sense and sensibilities about aesthetics. 

Prepare for distressing hats

Creating a worn outlook for your new hat requires some method in the madness.  You cannot go about damaging the hat to achieve the looks you desire. Instead, you must methodically. Tone down the modern features and looks of the hat. To appear as if it belongs to an age left far behind. 

Mark the places first

Distressing a hat is a gradual process, and you should avoid doing too much in one go. To impart the signs of aging to the hat, you must add the effects in gradual steps. Marking the places where you want to impose the distressing signs with a fabric pencil or chalk. Will help create a plan for transforming the looks of the hat. If you still feel that there is room for adding more marks and frays. Take your time to incorporate it after the first round of distressing.

Focus on small details –

Remember that you must add the marks of distress.In such a way so that all visible parts of the hat look old and worn out. As you create an illusion of distress, pay more attention to the details. Not to miss the distressing of a large piece of the fabric remains. That can disrupt the illusion you want to create. Although the outside of the cowboy hat might look as if picked up from the Wild West. An untouched underside of the brim might spoil your efforts of creating authentic distressed looks. The effects of wear and tear can never be the same across the hat, and some areas like the strings .And straps and the snapback are more vulnerable that you should keep in mind. 

Techniques of distressing

Sand papering

Use sandpaper to create the perfect worn outlooks. Try out different grits of sandpaper on the fabric. But it is best to start with medium grit ranging.Between 80 and 120 to achieve the desired tone down of the fabric.  

Natural fading

Leave the hat exposed to sunlight for many hours .every day so that the color, luster, and finish starts fading gradually. The fading will look completely natural as if the hat . Was exposed to the elements of weather for quite some time.  

Fading with bleach

Bleaching is a faster way to fade the color of hats and impart the old looks. But you must be careful to use the bleaching agents to avoid permanent damage to the fabric. Most importantly, you cannot afford any holes in the hat as it would render the hat useless. 

Over and above, rubbing some dirt on the hat .Making some small scratches with scissors or a razor can help achieve your goals.

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