What To Do With Broken And Unused Appliances

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As the world evolves, so is technology. One of the most common and widely used branches is domestic technology. It’s basically the application of science for home use. When we talk about appliances, these are items that use a machine to assist household functions such as cooking, cleaning, and food preservation. Refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens are to name a few.

In every home, appliances are commonly used every single day. The truth is that no matter how much you take care of them to lengthen their life span, they don’t last forever. There will always come a day when you have to get rid of them and let them go as they may eat up space in your home or worse—cause a home fire.

When this dilemma arises, you’ll have to face the problem of how to dispose of them properly. Keep in mind that most appliances at home are big and bulky items that will challenge your disposal activity. They’re also commonly banned in landfills due to the hazardous parts that can put the environment at risk. Now, will you go the easier route to dump them on landfills easily or will you dispose of them responsibly?

If you’ve got a couple of broken or unused appliances at home that need disposal, check out the following options to get rid of them. 

Pay A Commercial Junk Hauler

Getting rid of home appliances will require your time and energy, and usually, you’ll have to face hassle and frustration along the way. If you don’t have the power and time to meet those, calling out for help from a professional junk removal service is an excellent solution to your dilemma. This type of service will do the job for you!

Resorting this idea will save you from the stress of having to dispose of your appliances by yourself. Thus, saving you energy and time. Doing so will require you to pay a service fee, but it’ll genuinely be worth the cost. 

If you want to know more about this, have a read on some of the reliable websites.

Swap It With Your Newly Purchased Items 

When you’re thinking of purchasing a new appliance to replace your broken item, a one-to-one transaction can be the most suitable option for you!

Most appliance dealers agree to dispose of your old unit as long as you buy a new one from them. When your item is still working, and in good condition, some dealers even offer payment for it.

Indeed, letting the appliance dealer do the removal for you saves you a lot of effort and energy than when you do it yourself. However, keep note that not all stores offer this service. That’s why you have to inquire about this from the salesperson and let them agree with your deal. It’d also be best to inform them of your appliance’s status ahead of time. Doing so will help you ensure that you’ll get a free removal service before spending all that money on a new item. 

Scrap It  

When you just want to dispose of your broken appliances without planning to buy a new one, scrapping them is a good idea. Scrap dealers seek to purchase broken items with the plan of either repairing them or stripping off some valuable parts to sell them. Some of these companies offer a pick-up service for a small fee. Some also pay a reasonable amount for items they consider as in good condition.

Sell Them For Cash  

If you haven’t thought of this, you can make money from your unused or broken appliances. Because these items contain recyclable items such as plastic, metal, and glass, they can sometimes be worth selling. 

You can either sell them right in front of your house or by posting them on resale apps. Some people might still have the interest to purchase your broken appliances, but for a lower price.

Give It Away Or Donate It To Charity  

As the quote says, ‘Your trash can be somebody else’s treasure.’ Therefore, never hesitate to offer them for free. 

You can look for charities or organizations that would be willing to accept those items. You also have the option to display them in your garage with a ‘FREE’ sign on it. This way, by-passers would know that they can take it for free.


Indeed, disposing of your broken or unused appliances is tricky and challenging, especially when you don’t know the available options for you. Because of its heavy size and environmental concerns, you can’t just dump it the easy way.

Good thing, there are a couple of options for you. This way, you won’t have to deal with the tiring process of maneuvering them by yourself, transferring them to your car, and dropping them off at transfer stations. 

Whether you’re up for decluttering or just wanting to revamp your home appliances, considering the ways stated above will be a game-changer for you.