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American Stock Market


The  Department of Analysis of Bankinter discusses his selection of American companies to align their positioning in the American Stock Market for greater profitability . The objective is not to beat any particular index, but to select the best stocks to buy now. Stocks with high capitalization and liquidity are the right choice. They offer the most probability of returning an acceptable return ( revaluation + dividends) for the shareholder in the medium term. Since it is a 100% permanent variable income selection, the protection of assets is placed before the rest of the possible objectives. It is important to note that the returns for the DJI-30 and S&P 500 indices are shown for illustrative purposes only.

Top USA Companies in the American Stock Market

Top USA Selección is built with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 stocks listed on the NYSE ( New York Stock Exchange ), preferably included in the S&P 500 or DJI-30 indices, which offer a high probability of meeting the following 2 conditions:

Long-term sustainable earnings growth (EPS) above the market average and / or your own sector.

Expected return for the shareholder (revaluation + dividends) attractive in relation to the risk assumed.

Selected American stocks

  • Micron Technology
  • JP Morgan
  • ON Semiconductor
  • Visa
  • Microsoft
  • Salesforce
  • CrowdStrike
  • Taiwan Semiconduct
  • PVH
  • Estee Lauder 

Coping with Rising Inflation

In some cases, prices can raise high despite the negative news. For-example Facebook shares kept rising even when there were controversies. But it is different in other cases. For example, Disney has seen a slump in its stock value. However, Both companies will be a good deal in the coming months, according to the experts at GO Banking Rates .The companies best prepared to withstand rising inflation and the supply crisis are the ones that best cope with the end of the year.


After Facebook’s latest mishaps, it seems strange to predict that buying shares in Mark Zuckerberg’s company is a good deal. According to the specialists at GO Banking Rates , it can result in profit. However, they warn that no one can affirm that the shares of a company in question will rise or fall. Although experts like those on this website build their guesses on solid foundations, error is always a possibility. 

To begin, we return to the social network. Although the latest news about Facebook does not leave the company in a good place at all, they take Mosley Fool’s forecasts to say that Zuckerberg’s company is acting “conservatively”, given the enormous potential it has in the long term. .

In addition, they maintain that Facebook is heading towards its ‘high season’. This is because it obtains a third of its total income during holidays. 


According to Yahoo Finance , Walmart is very well positioned to have an excellent future. They will have plenty of capacity to face the supply crisis. Walmart holds a solid inventory, chartered vessels and shipping agreements for the long term. This makes it less vulnerable to crash in the stock market.


Like Target and Walmart, Nike (and its share price) was also hit hard by the supply crisis. But it has recovered and, at the moment, they are worth 139.35 euros ($ 162.18) after increasing by 10.3%.


“Buy now and pay later. ” It is the motto of one of the fashion companies, which, after reaching a maximum price of its shares of 120.28 euros ($ 139.99) on February 11, 2021, had several months of decline, until September arrived. and the uptrend started.


Disney overcame the pandemic, GO Banking Rates underline , because of how well some of its businesses were, especially Dinsey + which reached 116 million subscribers during the third quarter of 2021.


AT&T shares are going down. On October 1, its price was 23.34 euros ($ 27.16) and currently it is 22.13 euros ($ 25.76): a decrease of 5.2%.

Which is not an obstacle to consider as one of the most interesting companies to invest in , since they are stocks with dividends and their yield does not stop increasing. 

Nothing happens, according to the experts, because the new subscription service will make them turn the tide. In fact, they claim that stocks are very cheap and that it is an excellent time to get hold of them.

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