Great storage ideas for your office

A messy office can mean people waste time and are less productive. Do not let the clutter bury your workers to the point where it takes ten minutes to find a file that should have been located in ten seconds. Whether you are looking to make small or big adjustments here are a few suggestions to keep your offices tidy and distraction free.

Organizational shelves

There are many things you can do to organise and create a better office environment, but let’s start with shelving options. Shelves are an easy way to tidy up your space and they can be quite versatile, from archive shelving to stockroom shelves and even mobile shelves.

Archive shelves 

Archive shelves are a great way to organise and store your documents. Shelves can include storage service Boston and if you own a label maker the sky’s the limit. You can have everything at the tips of your fingers whenever you need it. Most storage boxes will have an easy to pull out handle, as well.

Stockroom shelves 

Stockroom shelves can come in many different sizes. If you have a small stockroom that doesn’t seem like it can hold much,  shelving can be the solution. Rather than wonder how to organise everything on the limited floor space, a stockroom shelf will go upwards and make use of your wall space as well.

Mobile shelving

Mobile shelves use a concertina-like mechanism so that shelves can be pulled apart and pushed together on a floor-mounted rail. They can also be locked for extra security. A variety of storage units vancouver can be added for a better organisational system and, because of their locking option, they can be installed in public areas.

Bookcases and cabinets

Bookcases and cabinets are another great organisational tool. Install them close to desks for quicker, more convenient access to the most recent books, documents and files that need to be used on a day-to-day basis. In addition to this, bookcases can be used to break up work areas and create a wall between desks or departments sharing a room.

Adaptable desks

Adaptable desks are becoming more popular in recent years, enabling users to choose whether to stand or sit while working. They are becoming a common tool in business offices and home ones, as well. 

Getting smaller desks can optimise your space and allow more desks to reside in one room. For this you will have to upgrade your technology, which also leads into the next point of going paperless.


Upgrading and optimising your technology will free up a lot of space that was previously occupied by boxes of documents. This will not only save you space and declutter your office but it will save you money on paper, toners and other office supplies. An added bonus to this is that you will also make your office more environmentally friendly.