What is the career scope after CLAT?

The Common Law Admission Test is known to be one of the best options to consider in terms of an entrance exam if aspiring for law as a career is the dream of someone. From the very outset, it has to be noted here that once a person clears the exam of CLAT, he or she becomes eligible for studying in one of the National law universities situated all over the nation of India. It might be of wonder that what makes these universities so special. Hence, to answer that, it has to be pointed here that the sphere of legal education in India is seen to be dominated by a large number of mediocre colleges that do not have the necessary infrastructure to provide quality education. On the other hand, these national law universities provide the best possible legal education in this nation.

Moreover, they are located in strategic locations so that people worldwide can access these universities as soon as possible. This must be understood with due concern here. Therefore, the career scope after CLAT exam shall be evaluated in this article.

Law as a career of justice

Law as a career is all about ensuring justice, and those who are passionate about this can find CLAT to be intriguing. Having a lifelong passion for doing something for society is rather natural, and people can contribute towards this by enforcing law principles. In this manner, justice will be ensured for one and all. Moreover, one can get the best legal education in the National Universities of Law, and the only way to enter those is through CLAT, and hence it has to be considered here with due precision at large. 

Working in Indian courts

After qualifying for CLAT and becoming a lawyer from a prestigious college, one can become a lawyer in any court of India, be it the High Court or even the Supreme Court. There is immense work that must be done in this area, and the scope of satisfaction is huge. The judiciary in the nation of India is already seen to be stressed, and the entry of new lawyers can significantly help reduce the workload for many. It will also ensure efficiency in the long run. Moreover, there is stability in governmental positions like that of a prosecutor. If one sticks around with due diligence for a long while, they can even go on to become a judge, and that is truly one of the most remarkable career moves for any lawyer, and this has to be understood with due concern here. 

Working in private firms

The opportunities to be seen in private firms is huge as well. The prospects are endless. There are always to be seen some firm or the other looking for some brilliant lawyers so that they can recruit them and this can then go on to be an intriguing opportunity for one and all in this case. The candidate in concern can earn huge bucks while the firm will benefit from the expertise of a legal genius who has studied in one of the most prestigious colleges after clearing the exam of CLAT. It is thus seen that a window of opportunities can open up for a person if he or she manages to clear the CLAT Question paper as soon as possible with BYJU’s Exam Prep and then proceed to open a large number of chances.


The CLAT exam is hugely intriguing. It can unlock a large number of career prospects for whoever can clear it. The article explored the different facets of such prospects and considered them here with due diligence and sincerity.