Which is a better nation for studies for Indian students: Germany or UK?

Germany PR points calculator

Indian students are increasingly choosing to study overseas and choosing a destination is always a top priority. Germany is famed for free education for students with merit and education quality. It has a Germany PR points calculator for processing PR Visas. It is forthcoming for skilled workers and professionals and has launched Germany Job Seeker Visa specifically aimed at them.

The UK meanwhile is renowned for top global universities and lucrative career opportunities.

The UK and Germany are both wonderful options for studying overseas. However, you have to analyze some vital factors before making a choice from both.

12% Plus of the student population in Germany consists of overseas students. The UK has more number of recognized Universities but this is only the beginning.

We have here briefly presented the differences between Germany and the UK:

Rise in Immigration 2019 – 202020.85%93%
Fees for Undergraduate Study€8,790 – €28,640£20,500 – £30,000 yearly
Fees for Post Graduate Study€10,640 – €38,640£20,500 – £35,000 yearly
Monthly Expenses Average€ 819£1131
Fees for Student Visa Application€60.00 – €75.00£348
Life Satisfaction Average7.0 grade7.2 grade
World Happiness Index Rank17 Rank15 Rank

Eligibility for students

Universities in both the UK and Germany require TOEFL or IELTS Scores. But Germany specifies mandatory proficiency in the German language too. Moreover, each University in Germany has its unique application and eligibility requirements.

In comparison with Germany, the UK has more consistent eligibility criteria.

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Process and requirement for Study Visa

In comparison with Germany, the UK has an easier Study Visa process. For studying in the UK you require proficiency in the English language while in Germany you will require proficiency in German and English languages.

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Cost of study

Germany is an affordable option for students from India than the UK when it comes to studying abroad for higher education.

Work Opportunities

The UK surpasses Germany in terms of work prospects. Its exhaustive range of employment opportunities and low rates of taxation work diversity makes it a perfect choice for any job type.

Skills in Demand

Both Germany and the UK consist of several highly demanded jobs for Indian students seeking work after graduation.

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Time for Processing Visa

The UK has speedier processing for Study Visas for Indian applicants in comparison with Germany.

The UK Student Visa processing time is 3 weeks while it is around 4 to 6 or 12 weeks for Germany.

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PR Options After Graduation

For obtaining a PR status in the UK after studies, you must have resided and worked for 5 years to qualify for the ILR – Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa.

To apply for the Settlement Permit in Germany, overseas students are required to have resided and worked in the nation for 2 years.

Now, work options during studies assume importance for many Indian students due to various reasons. Here is a brief overview for both nations:

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The UK

The following policies are applicable for overseas students studying full-time degree courses with a Tier 4 UK Student Visa:

·         Overseas students are permitted to work for 20 hours weekly, from Monday to Sunday

·         They are allowed to work full-time during the period of their vacations

·         Students can work for full-time if the work is an integral component of their study program

·         Students who are pursuing part-time study program on the Tier 4 UK Visa are not permitted to work during the period of studies

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·         Indians and non-EU students are allowed to work full-time for 120 days or part-time for 240 days during the vacations or term yearly. The 120 days policy is not applicable to those working as Student Assistants at the University.

·         Students pursuing German language courses need permission for work from the Federal Employment Agency and Immigration Office

·         Working for more hours is permitted for students if it is mandatory for their study program

·         Exceeding the number of work hours is not permitted by the German Government for students

To conclude, studying in the UK is more expensive for Indian students in comparison with the UK. The best EU nation for higher studies for non-EU students is Germany followed by the UK and then France.

By now, you must have a fairly good idea of the appropriate destination for you between the UK and Germany. Nevertheless, if you need customized assessment and advice, feel free to contact Study Overseas Counselors at Nationwide Visas. Our Experts will first assess your profile and offer solutions based on overall assessment and profile suitability. Contact our experts to know more about the Germany PR points calculator or Germany Job Seeker Visa.

Meta-description: The best EU nation for higher studies for Indians is Germany followed by the UK and studying in the UK is more expensive for Indian students than in Germany 

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