With Health Astrology, You Don’t Need To Concern Yourself With Health Problems

Medical astrology, or health astrology, is a branch of astrology. It focuses on health issues. At the same time, most astrologers seek to extract the deep truths of a person’s psychological makeup. It is from a person’s birth chart. Medical astrologers examine a person’s birth chart. It is to determine what health problems they may experience throughout their life.

A health horoscope should not be the reason to diagnose any disease. But, a competent medical astrologer can analyze a person’s natal chart to determine:

  • When stress or vitality decreases, then a person may have health problems.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the body
  • Predisposition to various disease states
  • Predisposition to various types of diseases
  • Malnutrition
  • Disease severity and duration
  • The course of the disease using a medical, astrological chart is a describable chart

Know what all zodiac signs influence health astrology

A great way to understand health astrology is to understand how the astrological signs of the zodiac relate. They relate to different parts of the body. In medical astrology, each zodiac sign is with an anatomical location in the body. The specific sign for each sign about the body part results from the position of the sign in the zodiac wheel. the main symbolism and archetype of the sign.

In general, free health horoscopes are equal. and astrological planets correspond to organ systems, individual organs, and other body parts. But, astrological planets sometimes have a similar meaning to signs because if a planet is present. It will affect the sign that governs the planet.

  • Sometimes, difficulty with the sun (whatever the sun sign) can state a heart problem because the sun is Leo’s ruler
  • Leo controls the heart
  • This needs to be present in the eyes of the other planetary indications.
  • Medical fortune-tellers need to know how each planet reacts or acts to state possible diseases in the body.
  • The following disease states describe a planet. it participates in fixed planetary aspects with other planets.

It is important to remember the most difficult aspects of a natal chart. Along the way are present only at a psychological problem or event level. But, a mental health problem or event, such as a minor incident, is the background to a physical or health problem.

Saturn has a lot of importance in health astrology

The sun square of Saturn indicates that the life force of a person is somehow restrained. This is because these individuals feel worthless. They have a lot of internal tension. they feel constrained or burdened by duties and responsibilities.

  • This is also a person who is also motivated to encourage those feelings, work harder and never give up.
  • Omit health is a person who may suffer from fatigue and exhaustion.
  • This can lead to all sorts of health problems, including chronic fatigue, chest pain, and palpitations.
  • Transits or difficult developments tend to exacerbate these health problems. This is the predictable aspect of medical astrology.

The predictive aspect of health astrology takes preventive medicine to a whole different level. Prevention is no longer limited to nutrition and health maintenance. Still, it can strengthen specific areas of the body against upcoming health challenges. So it can be in future transits and progression to the birth chart.

The history of health astrology and its importance

Hippocrates is the father of medicine and one of the most famous figures in medical history. He said: “A doctor without knowledge of health astrology has no right to be a doctor.” Medical astrology has been an integral part of medicine for thousands of years.

The daily horoscope is a complex astrological discipline. It requires years of training and a strong analytical mind. It requires knowledge of the body. Many astrologers specialize in medical astrology. Most medical astrologers also practice some form of alternative medicine or therapy. Be it herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, or otherwise. most often refer their clients to therapists and therapies they cannot offer.

After all, astrology itself is more than the daily horoscopes that can be online or in magazines and newspapers. This brief review only scratches the surface of medical astrology. In contrast, medical astrologers may seem like last resort doctors in the postmodern era. This type of astrology performed by an expert in the field can complement your consultation with a doctor. Consult a naturopath by asking them the right questions.

Know about every disease with health astrology

For a native to have a healthy constitution and health, he must lie, and his master must be strong, and the 6th master must be weak. It must be strong and free from harmful influences (especially from Saturn or Rahu) to give good health. The moon, the spirit planet, must also be present from suffering for clear and healthy thinking.

  • All this together will give an idea of ​​the disease and the part of the body affected by this disease.
  • Besides these three houses of deception, even if the other houses are somewhat involved and contain affected planets,
  • Certain diseases that concern themselves with these houses will give the signs and the planets they contain.
  • Such ailments are usually experienced during their desabhakti of the suffering plan. So Sambandham has such planets.
  • Gochara on the affected planet is the cause of disease
  • Disease is inevitable when the planet on Gochara is in harm’s way, and it’s Dasa Bhukti is functioning

For example, suffering from the first house in the horoscope. and Aries damages the brain and nervous system. Causing various ailments from headaches to madness and accidents with the head and brain. Cancer’s signature affliction, and 4. Suffering in the 5th house causes a mental disorder, schizophrenia. Paranoia and perversion etc.

How are houses affected according to health astrology?

If the delay is on the 6th, 8th, or 12th, especially the 6th, the locals are sick. Horoscope health problems are natural when people view you. While the great aspect promotes good health. Evil in prashana is not good for health. Here are some combinations of good health given by the ancient sages:

  • A ruler occupied or cared for by a lord or beneficiary.
  • Ascancent with the lucky planet in it.
  • Ride vargottama or take part in raja yoga or with more than 28 Bindu in Sarvashtakavarga.
  • You lie, connect, or benefit.
  • Ascendant or Lie or both strong of Shadbali, Bhavabali, Ischa, and Kashta Balash and Ashkakavarga.
  • You lie or lie folded among the lucky planets.
  • Malefics in Trick: & Strength in Kendra.
  • Saturn in the eighth place gives longevity but can lead to poor health.
  • The aspect of Saturn on the 8th gives long life without disease

Celestial objects influence some other aspects of health astrology

Anyone with a little knowledge of astrology knows that the 6th and 8th, and 12th houses are dusty

  • Saturn in the Jupiter zodiac is good, but Jupiter in the Saturn zodiac is dangerous for health.
  • The solar moon at 8 is dangerous to health, but not if it is Ooncha or in its signs.
  • The benefits of Kendra when retreating are not beneficial to health.
  • Agni Tatva and strengthened double signs are good for health.
  • Gulka is healthy on the 3rd, 6th, or 11th and bad on the 1st or 8.
  • Adhi Yoga is good for wealth, but not for health.
  • The sun, the moon, Lagnesh state good health when the race and house are well regulated or handsome.

Problems in these places are not good for health. The sixth house is sick, and the sixth master is not sick during desabhakti. On the diagram, look for planets in the six Lagna and Luna, the lord of the sixth house and the shield of the sixth house.