Your fast home sale is doomed if you make these mistakes

You’re getting ready to list your house on the market and move into a new one, but you’ve been following all the right steps. You found a great agent, removed any items that are damaged or unsafe, and increased your curb appeal. You’re excited to finally get top dollar for your home so you can downsize and buy a smaller property in the newest neighborhood. So why is it taking so long?

This article will show you what might be responsible for causing slow sales in this competitive market, how they can be fixed, and some tips that will keep things moving without losing any momentum.

1: You’re Still Hiding Your Property

Once you list your property for sale, it needs to be ready for showings right away. One problem with having your home off the market is that it’s likely being inspected by potential buyers who might not have time to view everything in full detail. This process can take several days, if not a whole week or more.

Your house will still be locked up and the only way to enter is through the front gate. Now imagine those same potential buyers stopping by unannounced because they want to check out your backyard or attic space and they have keys to gain access. That’s a big hassle and could throw off your timing completely.

Once you’re ready to list your home, get the door open right away. This is where having pre-approved homes buyers might come in handy. If a buyer arrives and everything is unlocked, then you’re ready to show them around your home.

2: You Haven’t Completed Your Housing Inspection

If you can’t do the walk through first, there’s a chance the inspection will take even longer than planned. There are lots of things that can happen when an inspector walks through your home during an inspection so it’s important to have everything equal and ready to go from the very beginning. Things like staging items that need replacement before the inspection can allow for at least one day less of work for the inspector.

A second thing to think about is that the inspector might need to return to your house after a few days. You’ll have it fixed and organized by then, but would you want the home inspector returning to a messy mess?

If you’re not ready for an inspection when you list your property, make sure everything is cleaned and well-organized in the beginning. Give yourself a day or two early on so the whole process can be completed before listings are approved by another agent or real estate company.

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Here are a few facts you probably had no idea about fast home sale

It’s not always easy to sell a house. If you have been trying for a while and the market is hot, you might stop paying the property taxes or mortgage. But that’s never a good idea in the long term, as it could lead to foreclosure. Short selling is another option, but at this point in the housing cycle it may be hard find potential buyers willing to take a risk on an underwater mortgage. So what are you to do if you need to sell your house but nobody is biting? If you live in Southern California, there’s a very good chance that a company called Wealth Creation Holding can help.

“We had a very difficult experience selling our house. We tried for almost a year and had no luck at all. We were so discouraged that we completely stopped trying. Then one day I found our website and decided it couldn’t hurt to contact them,” said one client from the San Fernando Valley who asked that her name be withheld for privacy reasons. “At first the whole thing felt like an infomercial and I was hesitant about contacting them.  But I went ahead and did it anyway, and we ended up getting a great price for our house. It was all because of them!”

The service Wealth Creation Holding advertises is fairly simple. The company collects high value properties that are foreclosed or in danger of foreclosure from banks. They then sell these properties to investors who want to make money by renting them out and collecting rent until the bank repossesses the house or until the homeowner sells it again. 

“We have an amazing team that works hard every day to find people houses to buy so that nobody has to worry about losing their home,” said Steve Lombardo, founder of Wealth Creation Holding. “Our business model is very simple: we buy houses, renovate them, and sell them back to customers at a reasonable price. And it’s all made possible by a team of innovators and visionaries who are committed to improving housing in our communities.”

So far the company has purchased and sold over 200 properties, and has plans for expanding into a new way of doing business that will change the face of real estate forever. You see, Wealth Creation Holding helps its clients not only with short sales but also with short selling stocks. If you ever want to make money from your investments instead of just holding on to them hoping they go up in value.


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