5 General Garage Door Problems 


Are you experiencing problems with your garage door and wondering what might cause or how you could solve them? Worry no more! A garage door can stop responding overnight after a drop of dirt covers the sensor. But there might be other issues that happen from time to time. Look out for the cause of the garage door not working as you expect and fix them. 

Garage door problems can be stressful, whether you are experiencing intermittent garage door glitches or your door has completely refused to work. Such issues can cause you to delay and get late for work or lock you out of the garage, making it hard to access your tools. And since it is not cheap to replace garage doors, you must be wary of stealthy problems. 

In this article, you will learn five of the most common problems that garage doors develop. You will also discover some ways to fix simple issues without the need for a garage door expert. Here are the top five general garage door problems you need to know. 

1. Unresponsive Opener Switch 

The garage door opener uses a series of electrical and mechanical connections to accomplish its task. When one part fails to work efficiently, the whole system cannot work. Any slight glitch can make the garage door stop working instantly. That is why a failed opener is among the most common garage door problems

You need to know nothing is blocking the flow of the circuit to the opener. Ensure all the switches in the garage are working and the fuses are in order. Or did you lock the door switch? Maybe the motor got disconnected?  

In unexpected scenarios, a pint of dust can make the opener fail. Check to observe if something is blocking the photo-eye sensor. The sensor stops the door from moving to avoid injury and damage when it detects objects. 

2. Poor Remote-Control Signal 


Most home garage doors use remote control systems to lock and unlock. Some may have a keypad where you dial when opening or closing. If you are using a remote control and experience intermittent or poor response from your garage door, you need to check to ensure that the remote is working well. 

The first thing to do is to be sure that the batteries are not dead. You can install new batteries into the remote and try opening the door again. Also, the distance a remote control signal can travel is limited. 

You cannot operate the door if you are standing so far away from it. Try moving closer until you can efficiently control the door. That should be the furthest you can use your remote control. If both checks do not fix the problem, you may want to ensure that the motor can sense the signal conveniently when you press the remote. You need to contact a garage door professional to fix things for you. Do not try to do it yourself. 

3. Door not Opening as Motor Starts 

When you send the open command, and the garage door opener motor starts running, but the door does not move, you might have a disengaged door. A disconnect switch on the opener makes it possible to open the garage door manually when there is no power. When this switch is ON, you cannot use the opener to operate the door. You will have to switch it off for the door to work with your remote or keypad. 

4. Broken Cables and Springs 


The garage door opens by a mechanism using the tension springs, which hold the door so that it can slide slowly and close securely. When the cables and springs get damaged, the door would not close or open as expected. If you notice that the door is vibrating and not lifting as expected, know that there must be a problem. 

Likewise, you can tell when the cables or springs are not in order if the door slams down instead of a steady slide. To prevent injury, you need to fix the issue fast. That is a sure indicator that the cables and springs are out of order. The more you continue using the door without servicing it, the more damage you will cause it. The remaining door cables may snap due to increased pressure. 

5.  The Door Becomes Noisy 

There are several causes of a noisy garage door. They vary from loose parts, dry rollers, and misalignment. These scenarios cause various noises from the door when you try to open or close it. For a misaligned door, you may notice that the movement is disturbed. There may also be visible gaps or bends on the door. 

Dry moving parts can squeak when you operate the door, while loose parts produce a cracking sound. All these noises are an indicator of something gone wrong. If you are not sure what to do, call a professional to check the door. 

Take Away 

Garage doors are great investments for your home. Since they can be expensive to install, you need to preserve and protect them to ensure that they serve you for as long as possible. When problems arise, you should fix them as soon as possible to maintain your garage door and the value of your home. Always contact a garage door professional when you are in doubt. 

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