5 Tips for Selecting a Right Vape Battery


For any experienced vapers, the battery matters just like the vape device itself. The battery is critical for extending the vaping duration, vaping tricks, and many other fun activities. Your attention may be on other elements such as the tank, coil, and wicks, but the battery is the most crucial part of the vape device. Without the battery, you cannot vape, do tricks, and do other cool stuff.

The battery is also essential for your health. It is a critical element in facilitating an effective distillation process that ensures safety from harmful molecules. The type of battery you select depends on the vaping device you have; however, there are many factors you need to consider amongst the available battery options. Here are some tips for selecting the best battery for the vape device;

Vape device battery size

Every device comes with a battery slot that can only fit a battery of a particular size. However, most vape devices come with inbuilt batteries; hence no need to know the battery size. For those with removable and replaceable batteries, you need to understand the battery size before selection. There are two main battery sizes, namely 26650 and 18650.

The 26650 is rare and used in older versions of vape devices or a few vape mods. It is bulky with a diameter of 22mm, a height of 18mm, and a better power capacity. The 18650 is the most common variant, and it has a higher mAh and ampere, allowing you to vape longer. They have a diameter of 18 mm and a height of 65 mm and are budget-friendly. 

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Besides these two variants, there are other variants, such as 18350. You can easily get these batteries from a vape e liquid shop online. Here you will get all the variants you need, including the rare types. 

Battery voltage and capacity

The biggest concern for vapers is how long a battery will last between charges. Therefore, you need a battery with a high voltage and capacity to last you longer. However, a long-lasting battery may not generate the current you need to produce more substantial hits and massive vapor.  A higher voltage battery will have more cloud, and smooth throat hits due to the high amount of heat sent to the coil. Such batteries are suitable for sun-0hms vaping devices.  

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Battery temperatures

Temperatures play a critical role in determining how long the battery will last. To know the temperature levels of your batter, monitor it while charging to determine the highest temperatures it can reach. The batteries with a higher temperature will not last long since they drain additional heat besides the one directed to heating the coil. 

Batteries that have high temperatures will also age prematurely. You need to avoid cheaper batteries because they overheat and can sometimes make the vaping device overheat while vaping. Using them can also expose you to the dangers of vape devices exploding. 

The brand

You need to consider the company manufacturing the battery. Different companies manufacture vape items such as batteries; some are committed to quality while others commit to customer numbers and cost reduction.  You may have a higher voltage and capacity battery, but it won’t last, especially when the manufacturer does not manufacture durable products. While selecting your battery, ensure the brand is legit and known for quality, durable and authentic products. 

Battery composition

The compounds used to manufacture a battery can help you determine its lifespan and the safety of using it. The chemical components of a battery should be compatible with your vaping device. Lithium is the main component used to manufacture vape batteries. Furthermore, batteries have markings indicating the chemical composition that match various devices. The marks include ICR, INR, IMR letters. 

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IMR and lithium manganese batteries 

They have the best current flow capacity and capabilities. They do not overheat; hence the device will not get too hot when using. In addition, they provide high voltage hence suitable for those in need of strong hits and large vapor production. Due to their voltage capacity, they can short-circuit the device; hence you need to match them with the voltage requirement of your device.

ICR with lithium cobalt batteries

They have better mAh making them suitable for most vaping devices. However, they lack in-built safety measures; hence they require protective circuitry in the machine. You need to ensure the device has safe circuitry before you buy this battery. They are becoming obsolete because most vape devices no longer have safety circuitry. 

INR and lithium Manganese Nickel batteries

 They are hybrid due to the number of chemicals used in manufacturing. They are more effective and efficient because they have high mAh, improved current flow, no short circuitry, and no overheating.


When you follow the appropriate guidelines, you should get a good battery for your device. A good battery has a higher capacity, voltage, is durable, does not overheat, and lasts longer between charges. When buying low-quality batteries, you may face certain risks such as explosions, dry hits, and overheating devices. Choose well and ensure you get the battery from trusted vendors. 

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