How CBD Oil Benefits Your Immune System

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CBD is one of the most beneficial supplements or natural product extracts existing today. Research shows that many users have benefited tremendously by simply including CBD in their daily intake. There are different ways people get their CBD depending on their personal preferences. These methods range from smoking leaves and flowers to using tinctures in tea. However, one of the most common forms of CBD use is using CBD oil. This can be ingested depending on the manufacturers’ instructions, and in other cases, one can use it topically in affected areas.

The versatility of CBD oil cannot be underestimated. However, does CBD oil help with immunity? This subject has been researched extensively, and the truth is that CBD is potent and helpful. The following are different ways through which CBD can improve one’s immunity without trying too hard. Check them out, and maybe you will join the thousands of CBD oil users across the world.

Immune System and CBD Oil Interaction

Before we get into the different ways CBD oil can enhance one’s immunity, it is essential to understand how they interact. It makes no sense to rush and include CBD tincture in your routine before you figure out how they work. Sometimes, supplements and medication of any form can work for one person and fail for another. This often results from the fact that bodies interact differently with various components. So how does CBD oil interact with the human immune system, and is there a one-fit solution for all?

First, it helps to understand that Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is the main component in CBD oil. This is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. To be more specific, it is a  phytocannabinoid that works actively on one’s endocannabinoid system. Therefore, it promotes a healthy immune system. 

CBD activates a critical protein, TRPV2, which enhances communication in the immune system and the extracellular environment. This same protein is responsible for influencing other transient receptor potential channels that work together to support the immune system. CBD oil from hemp plants can affect an individual’s immune system both directly and indirectly. Below are some of the standard or well-known ways it can achieve this goal.

Can Enhance Natural Killer Cells

The body has a way of protecting itself against disease-causing organisms or anything it considers foreign and harmful. It is how the immune system works. It produces natural killer cells that are part of the white blood cell type. This way, the body can fight diseases without needing external support. Hemp CBD oil can reduce the activities of T-cells and B cells, and in turn, boost the production of helpful NK cells, thus strengthening the immune system. Consuming CBD oil regularly means that your immunity is likely to increase naturally severalfold. 

Note that the NK cells are responsible for how well your body deals with viruses. The more NK cells you have, the better your body’s defense mechanism will be. As such, anything that promotes the increase of NK cells should be encouraged. It is essential to maintain these levels high if you want your liver health to be excellent.

May Enhance Inflammatory Response

CBD oil is powerful. It has been known to help with anti-inflammatory response in animal studies involving mice exposed to lung infection. CBD oil was effective in dealing with lung inflammation hence the conclusion. The oil was seen to increase healthy lung markers/indicators, such as registering a decreased total lung resistance and elastance. 

It also showed leukocyte migration into the lungs. Another positive gain was the presence of myeloperoxidase activity in the lung tissue, not forgetting protein concentration and adequate maintenance of healthy levels of chemokines (MCP-1 and MIP-2) and cytokines (TNF and IL-6). All these are positive indicators that make a significant contribution towards sustaining healthy respiratory health and wellness.

Boost Good Microbiota in the Gut

Gut health is crucial for everyone’s wellness. Whenever the guy is affected, the chances of falling ill or having health challenges increase tremendously. This happens because a big percentage of the immune system is located in the gut tract. Consequently, when this part is affected, the immune system weakens and becomes vulnerable to attacks. The gut microbiota refers to several microorganisms in this track, both good and bad. 

They are often found in the intestines, and they play a significant role in helping the body to achieve a balanced immune response. When the gut experiences an excess of inflammation, there is a possibility that several issues will arise, including intestinal permeability and an impairment of the immune response. Such cases, when left unattended, can cause a lot of pain and severe danger. Fortunately, CBD works just like endogenous cannabinoids and has been helpful with these kinds of inflammation in humans. CBD is potent when it comes to supporting healthy guts and helps boost the overall immunity of an individual. 

CBD is Great when Used a Calming Agent when Frustrated

Surprisingly, immunity is affected by one’s psychological status. Stress and frustration can easily trigger poor immune responses and interfere with how well one fights diseases. This explains why doctors and other medics insist on patients having a positive attitude. Usually, endogenous cannabinoids work on the CB1 receptor. However, CBD oil used as a supplement directly works to activate the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor. 

Therefore, it exhibits stress-relieving traits that enhance calmness. It also boosts cerebral blood flow to specific areas of the brain that trigger anxiety. These include the hippocampus, amygdala, cingulate cortex, and hypothalamus of Blue cookies strain. This ability to affect the brain powerfully makes CBD oil a great mental relief aid. Any forms of stress and anxiety-related issues can be fixed immediately, and the immune system will also not be compromised negatively. It is a win-win situation in this case.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is a powerful and worthwhile product. However, it would be best to consider investing more in CBD oils for simple to complex gains. Many people may not have known how taking a small amount of CBD oil helps alter their immune system positively. Whether you are consuming CBD oil for pain relief or a soothing effect, you will be happy to note that the immune system benefits from this simple action. However, it would be best if you were careful with where you get your CBD oil from.

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