6 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Guatemala City?

Guatemala City

Guatemala City is one of the country’s least-visited places. It may not be as beautiful as Antigua or as walkable as Flores, but ignoring this enormous metropolis would be a huge mistake. Here are nine reasons why you should travel to Guatemala City at least once in your life. Book your United Airlines flight Booking and plan your next trip to Guatemala.

The cuisine is fantastic

With Mayan culture blending with Spanish traditions, the food of Guatemala is considerably more flavorful and complicated than in most nearby nations, and Guatemala City, as the capital, is one of the finest places to experience it. Guatemala may not be well-known for its cuisine, but anybody who has travelled across Central America will tell you that the indigenous cuisine delivers a powerful punch. Whether it’s street cuisine from the markets or fine dining establishments, the food in this city will satisfy even the most discriminating palates. Visit United Airlines Reservations and grab exclusive offers on ticket booking.

Central America’s creative capital

It is Central America’s creative capital. There are numerous great art galleries in Guatemala City where you may examine works by some of the country’s most renowned and upcoming painters. Guatemala is one of Latin America’s creative hotspots, and artists have long sought inspiration in the country’s wild and dramatic terrain.

The thriving marketplaces

The marketplaces in Guatemala City are brimming with bright handicrafts and lovely woven clothes, so picking up a few items as souvenirs is a necessity. Explore a seemingly infinite network of underground passageways while browsing leather items, wooden masks, handmade shawls, hats, tablecloths, wallets, and ornamental bowls at the bustling Mercado Central. While the markets here aren’t as gorgeous as those in Antigua or Chichicastenango, they’re more real, and the handicrafts are far less expensive. Book your United Airlines Flight tickets and spend a great holiday here.

It boasts a vibrant music scen.

As the country’s capital, Guatemala City is naturally the centre of the country’s music culture, with numerous local artists quickly gaining international acclaim. Guatemala City has a diverse and flourishing music culture, with artists ranging from the trailblazing female rapper Rebeca Lane to the beautiful pop-rock beats of Fraaek and the dark, atmospheric sound of Adonis Muerto.

A free beer tour

A free beer tour is the only thing better than a beer tour. You can take entertaining, educational tours of the brewery for free. Be sure to schedule a week ahead of time to prevent disappointment. The trip finishes with a beer sampling, which is also free of charge. Fortunately, Guatemala City does not disappoint on this aspect. Since 1886, Cervecera Centroamericana has made the majority of Guatemalan beer, the most well-known of which is the omnipresent Gallo.

Guatemala’s volcanic environment

Guatemala’s volcanic environment provides the ideal climate for producing coffee, and the beans produced here are often regarded as the best in the world. There are many excellent coffee estates outside of Guatemala City where you can learn about the coffee-making process and hundreds of cafés in the city itself where you may enjoy a cup of the finest coffee you’ve ever tasted.

learn Spanish

Guatemala is one of the finest countries in the world to learn Spanish because of its distinct accent and leisurely speaking. Although Antigua is regarded as the true “language town,” Guatemala City also offers several outstanding language institutions and courses. Learning Spanish is a fantastic way to get to know the local people and culture, whether you want to brush up on your speaking abilities or are seeking an intense course. 

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