7 Amazing Facts of Dubai Frame

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Dubai never fails to astonish the world with its enchanting architectural innovations. Among its numerous magical creations, the Dubai Frame stands out as an extraordinary marvel that surpasses all expectations. This remarkable structure serves as a symbolic representation of the contrast between Old and New Dubai, leaving visitors in awe of its grandeur.

On one side of the Dubai Frame, the modern skyline of the city unfolds before your eyes, featuring iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, Emirates Tower, and Dubai Fountain. Conversely, the other side showcases the nostalgic charm of Old Dubai, with glimpses of Deira, Karama, Bur Dubai, and more.

Impressively, the Dubai Frame has secured a world record for its remarkable achievements. However, its allure continues after offering visitors a panoramic 360-degree view of the city. Inside, you’ll discover a museum and a food zone, inviting you to relax and marvel at the captivating interiors of this architectural masterpiece. Now, let’s delve into some fascinating facts about the Dubai Frame.

1. Learn about the outstanding Sky Deck.

One cannot deny that the Dubai Frame possesses an awe-inspiring attribute. Adjacent to the Sky Deck, there lies a remarkable glass walkway that exudes avant-garde engineering. Reinforced glass panels form this walkway, offering an extraordinary experience. What adds to its allure is the incorporation of cutting-edge technology—a pressure-sensitive liquid crystal innovation.

Remarkably, as each person sets foot on the glass, the panels seamlessly transition from opaque to transparent, enhancing the thrill and drama of traversing the walkway.

2. Enlighten yourself with the ‘Golden Rectangle’ theory.

Expand your knowledge with the captivating ‘Golden Rectangle’ theory. Have you ever wondered how the engineers masterfully crafted the design of the Dubai Frame? Although it possesses the characteristics of a building, achieving balance in each aspect proved to be the greatest challenge. The architects strategically incorporated the concept of the ‘Golden Ratio’ to attain a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing shape. This mathematical ratio, represented as 1:1.618, bestows a natural equilibrium upon the structure.

Even if you were to divide the colossal rectangle into multiple smaller rectangles and squares, the dimensions of the smallest rectangle would still align with the golden ratio. Isn’t it utterly fascinating? Now you can comprehend why the Dubai Frame is regarded as a groundbreaking architectural revolution in Dubai. The application of this concept even left mathematicians in awe of its brilliance.

3. Engineers lifted the Sky Deck to place between the two towers.

The architects ingeniously positioned the Sky Deck between the two towers, employing a remarkable engineering feat. While we are familiar with the ‘Golden Ratio’ theory that underlies the structure of the Dubai Frame, what remains lesser-known is the meticulous process involved in assembling the Deck. It was constructed separately and then precisely lifted using four powerful hydraulics to seamlessly integrate it as a cohesive unit between the towers. To ensure a smooth visit, Dubai frame tickets are available seven days a week, but it is advisable to book in advance to avoid queues at the ticket counter.

The entire endeavour required several days of meticulous work to achieve perfection. Once in place, the Deck was meticulously fitted to ensure a seamless connection. Adding to its allure, the glass floor of the Sky Deck comprises 116 square-meter innovative glass panels, offering visitors a breathtaking experience. Notably, the construction of the Dubai Frame entailed the use of a staggering 2000 tonnes of steel, a testament to the engineering prowess involved in its creation.

4. A perfect place to enjoy fireworks

From the Dubai Frame, your gaze can encompass the magnificent sight of Burj Khalifa and other towering skyscrapers along Sheikh Zayed Road in the south, as well as the picturesque Dubai Creek and Deira in the north. While there are numerous iconic locations in the city to marvel at during New Year’s fireworks, the Dubai Frame should be considered. It offers an unparalleled vantage point to witness breathtaking fireworks displays. To partake in this extraordinary experience, ascend to the Sky Deck and prepare to be captivated by the dazzling spectacle of fireworks illuminating the Dubai skyline.

5. The location itself is another admire-worthy place.

While many people visit the Dubai Frame primarily for the surrounding views, the adjacent park is also a delightful place to stroll. Keep an eye out for occasional Dubai Frame ticket offers available on different platforms. Situated in Zabeel Park, this iconic structure offers a fantastic backdrop for capturing memorable selfies.

Additionally, beneath the Dubai Frame, you’ll discover beautiful fountains that add to the overall charm of the area. Indulge your taste buds with mouthwatering local delicacies available from food trucks stationed in the park.

6. Guinness World Record Holder

The Dubai Frame proudly holds a prestigious title in the Guinness World Records. Recognized as the “largest frame in the world,” this magnificent structure stands tall at an impressive height of 150 meters (492 feet) and spans 93 meters (305 feet) in breadth. Its inclusion in the Guinness World Records further solidifies the Dubai Frame’s status as a remarkable architectural achievement and an absolute must-visit destination for both residents and visitors.

7. The structure won multiple awards.

Credit for the exceptional craftsmanship of the Dubai Frame goes to Fernando Donis. In 2009, the design received the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Award. Chosen from a pool of 926 proposals, the Dubai Frame was recommended by the nominees to the award’s board, further emphasizing its outstanding architectural significance.


The Dubai Frame offers a captivating experience from A to Z, whether it’s the breathtaking views from the Sky Deck, the immersive museum, or the innovative design. Moreover, it caters to the entertainment of young visitors with engaging 3D projections, making it an ideal destination for families. Undoubtedly, the Dubai Frame stands out as a unique and enthralling attraction that is unmatched in the city. A visit to the Dubai Frame is an absolute must for anyone seeking a riveting and unforgettable experience.