7 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents are Using Car Decals as Marketing Tools

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Real estate agents and brokers find themselves in a tricky situation in the post-pandemic world. The real estate industry faced various uncertainties during the onset of the global pandemic. Many real estate firms had to cut marketing costs to meet these unexpected economic challenges. As the real estate industry makes a comeback in the post-pandemic economy, marketing budgets will continue to be slashed. Thankfully, real estate agents can go back to using traditional signages, which are less expensive. That’s why posters, banners, and other traditional marketing tools are in high demand in the real estate industry. However, for most real estate agents, the most effective way to advertise their firms is by branding their company vehicles. Car wraps, magnets, and decals are great marketing tools for cash-conscious real estate firms. Here are seven reasons why car decals are the best marketing tools for real estate agents –

1. Target Large Audiences

The average citizen drives at least 35 miles every day. Most of these drivers see ads or other forms of media on the road. That’s why decal marketing is the best way for real estate agents to target large, local audiences. A high-quality auto decal can register tens of thousands of visual impressions every day!

2. Cost-Effective

A customized car decal can register tens of thousands of visual impressions from local audiences every day. To reach the same results via other mediums (e.g., TV ads, digital marketing, etc.), firms may have to pay thousands. Auto decals cost less than a tenth of that figure but are just as effective.

3. Create Great First Impressions

We all learn not to judge books by their covers. Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing, the opposite is true. High-quality designs on ads and marketing messages are likelier to attract more eyes. Top sellers of auto decals offer multiple customization options. Real estate firms can make their brands popular by optimizing their customization options and creating top-quality auto decals.

4. Risk-Free Investment

Vehicle decals are cost-efficient. Real estate agents or firms don’t have to break their banks to get access to these promotional tools. So, cost-related risks are non-existent when you buy auto decals. Plus, unlike magnetic signs or posters, it’s impossible to steal auto decals. Auto decals stay stuck on vehicles for years. It’s impossible for a criminal to damage or steal these decals.

5. Durable and Long-Lasting

The latest auto decals are made of weather-resistant vinyl. They can last for decades. In case real estate agents want temporary marketing tools, they can always buy decals with less sticky adhesives! Either way – the decals will last for long periods!

6. Easy Installation 

Auto decals are super-easy to install. Even non-specialists can install these decals on trucks, boats, scooters, etc., with maximum precision.

7. Space Efficiency 

Auto decals are small but impactful marketing tools. Real estate agents can use the small sizes of these decals to create concise and to-the-point marketing messages. Don’t overburden your target audiences with extra information. Mention basic information about your real estate firm. Include basic contact info, website URLs, and a few attention-grabbing design elements. These are the reasons why auto decals are so popular in the real estate industry!

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