8 Tips for a Modern Bathroom Makeover

Getting your bathroom revamped is one way you can achieve a much cleaner atmosphere and make use of bathroom innovations in recent years. Did you know that faucets and smart toilets have sensor tops that help avoid bacterial cross-contamination? If you’re keen to change your bathroom to a modernized one, here are some tips that you can try!

1. Upgrade your fixtures


Faucets can easily degrade, especially due to potential rusting and loss of thread. A good alternative to traditional taps is a touchless sensor faucet. You only need to hover your hand on its top and it will release water. It’s a good way to prevent bacterial cross-contamination due to the lack of contact. It can save as much as 30-50% more water than traditional ones too!

Another reason to choose a sensor faucet is that they tend to have a minimalist design. The word modern can also allude to new and innovative features in your bathroom. You can also upgrade your toilet to a smart one, aside from choosing a touchless tap.  

2. Install an air purifier


One reason you may need to revamp your bathroom is because of the molds and odors that accumulated inside. True enough, it’d be quite ironic to have a beautiful but stinky bathroom. To prevent this, installing an air purifier inside is essential. These purifiers have various kinds of filtration systems that trap molds, odors, bacteria, germs, and other airborne particles. 

Also, having a bathroom air purifier is one way to ensure that your family breathes clean and fresh air. Did you know that commercial establishments even use air purifiers for hotels, offices, and the like to keep their surroundings free from allergens and dust? 

3. Pick neutral colors


Neutral colors are often associated with calmer and cleaner atmospheres, so they are a favorite when it comes to designing a modern bathroom. Some color palettes to pick from are brown and beige, white, dark shades, and many others. It takes personal preference to choose a bathroom color scheme, but if you are unsure of what to select, the general choice is white. 

While neutral colors are preferred, adding some articles in other colors can create a good contrast and modernized look. For example, you can add some towels and plants in other colors. You just need to keep it well-balanced. 

4. Opt for geometric tiles


Since you are taking your bathroom to be minimalist, adding clean lines brought by geometric tiles would make it more visually captivating. Otherwise, it’d be quite boring since the neutral colors are muted. Popular geometric designs are herringbone, staggered, and mosaics, among many others. 

5. Get a freestanding bathtub


In terms of practical use, freestanding bathtubs are no different from built-in ones. However, you want such a bath because it can inspire the illusion of a bigger bathroom, induce a luxurious feel (most spas and hotels have it), and be installed in a less complicated manner. Plus, it is a favorite in modern bathrooms because it provides a focal point in the area. 

6. Make your bathroom vanities float


If you want to achieve the illusion of extra space, installing a floating vanity is one way to do it. They also appear much cleaner and chic. Ensure that these vanities are practically advantageous, so opt for those with good storage space. 

7. Invest in a shower glass wall


Installing a glass shower enclosure is often done to achieve a more luxurious look inside the bathroom, but it does have many practical uses. For example, it prevents the bathroom floor from being slippery with the isolated shower area and allows light to penetrate the space better. Plus, it’s a good alternative to shower curtains that can easily ruin your modern design. 

8. Enhance your mirrors and lighting


Opting for modern-style mirrors and lighting is one of the best ways you can beautify your bathroom. Modern mirrors typically have thin frames and come in geometric shapes. As for the lighting, bar lighting is a favorite among many. You also want to choose recessed ceiling lights to complete the look. 


Doing a bathroom makeover can make it cleaner and look more aesthetically pleasing. Installing the right fixtures, taking advantage of innovative products, and choosing the right color schemes are essential to creating your modern bathroom.