9 Essential SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic for Your Website

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Want to boost the organic traffic of your website? You have arrived at the right place. In this competitive marketplace, it has become extremely important that you follow the latest and updated market trends and techniques for ranking your site higher on search engines.

Read on to find out the best ways to avoid rank loss and increase site traffic. Let’s get started.

#1 Define your Organic Traffic and Varied SEO Goals 

If you want to increase your organic traffic over time and experience long-term success with your digital marketing campaigns, you should have a clear and data-driven SEO strategy in place. It is all about laying out your goals and how you are going to accomplish them. The goal is to set realistic, achievable targets that will feed into your extensive company goals. The best SEO services company will provide your business with useful advice on how to set organic traffic goals and SEO goals. You can be pretty broad with keyword targeting and SEO campaigns if your goal is just to increase the overall website traffic. In such cases, it doesn’t matter much about converting visitors into customers.

However, if you want to increase organic traffic to more specific parts of your web page, then you will require a more specific SEO tactic to go with.

Remember, it is a long-term process. So, you have to start small. Begin with one primary goal while working alongside two minor goals. Split your goals into monthly milestones. This will help you analyze every action you take and measure the goals, ensuring that your strategy stays on track.   

#2 Analyze your Website’s Present Performance and Health

In order to increase your website’s organic traffic, first, you need to understand your website’s performance and the health it is currently working under. This will allow you to fix your website’s health issues and enhance your technical SEO performance. The best way to get an insight into your website’s technical performance is to activate Google Search Controller. For this, you need to authenticate the ownership of your website by copy-pasting a small piece of website code into the DNS configuration. By doing this, you will gain incomparable insight into the health and technical structure of your website. 

There are some free website performance and health tools like Dareboost, Nibbler, and Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer that can give you unparalleled insights into how handy your website is to non-technical and mobile users, what the user experience is like, and how well marked it is, flagging technical concerns or errors such as jquery issues, broken links, and slow JavaScript. 

Once you have diagnosed your website, separate potential fixes and actions into urgent/critical warnings, recommendations, and actions so that you know the areas you need to focus on first. At this stage, the best SEO services company that is experienced enough to determine a poor website could help.

#3 Mark your Competitors and Target Audience

According to the best SEO services company, you need to identify your targeted customer base and determine how to attract them if you want to improve rankings and organic traffic. We advise that you take a good look at what your competitors are doing to meet their specific requirements in search results. Based on this, you can determine what you need to build into your product, which will be more desirable than what your competitors have to offer.

You can take the help of Google Analytics to get useful insights into your targeted customer base. It allows you to identify exactly who is visiting your website, which pages they are browsing, and from where they are visiting.

On the other hand, by identifying the websites that rank the keywords that you are actually targeting, you determine your key competitors. You will be obliged to outperform these websites in order to improve your rankings and dominate the market. 

You can use social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to see which competitors are gaining followers and what they are doing to engage their target audience actively.

#4 Research your Competitors’ Content Strategies and SEO

Once you have identified your competition, it is time to do your homework and dig into their content and SEO strategies. This will help you understand what they have really done to gain success in the industry. When you are going through your competitors’ websites, you need to ask certain questions. For starters, you can ask, “What makes their website better than yours.” 

It may be disheartening to see your competitors’ websites visually more appealing, helpful, or engaging. Don’t get discouraged. This is your opportunity to get inspired. If their websites have been there for a while, it means they are incredibly experienced. You can use a domain checker tool to determine the age of their domain and whether the websites have been around for longer.

The purpose of this step is to identify whether those websites have more authority than yours. The authority is naturally accumulated by websites over time, and authority is essential to search engines when they assign value to the websites.

Most importantly, you need to research the backlinks of your competitors for research.

#5 Develop SEO Strategy and On-Site Content

Once you have identified your competitors, personas, and competitor strategies, and have set your SEO goals, you are ready to formulate your own SEO strategy and on-site content. Based on your SEO goals and existing content infrastructure, determine the content priorities.

In general, an SEO and content strategy will incorporate on-page content optimization and technical improvements happening simultaneously alongside one another. This allows you to see the improvements you have made on the page, and you can resubmit the sitemap to Google once you have completed and cross-checked all the changes done by you. This ensures the optimum possibility for increased organic traffic and improved rankings.

In order to create quality content, you need to identify topics that relate to your product, service, business, or industry. Then you need to group keywords within the topics you have chosen. When it comes to picking keywords, the best SEO services company recommends choosing keywords that are likely to be of high value to your business or drive conversions.

#6 Improve and Increase your Website’s Content

Using the prioritized plan you have put in place, it is time to get hands-on and start increasing and improving your content. Start with your existing web content. It will obviously have more authority as compared to the content you will be adding later.

You can repurpose the old content and make it relevant to your new business model by adding new keywords and improving the overall structure of the content. However, repurposing the old content, try to retain the existing URL structure instead of implementing a new one, as it will help maintain the authority. Consider the following points when improving the content:

  • Optimize the metadata
  • Ensure the content is useful and engaging
  • Ensure the content is long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest
  • Ensure the content is optimized for users
  • Assign internal links to the content
  • Ensure the content link out to relevant sources

#7 Improve your Website’s Technical SEO and Usability

The usability of your website determines how easy it is for a user to use and navigate the web pages. Search engines reward websites that are well put-together, accessible, and fast while largely ignoring sites that are problematic for the users, confusing to navigate, or slow to load. You can start with:

  • Reducing page load times
  • Optimizing your site for all screen sizes
  • Fix 404 error pages

#8 Create a Robust Content Marketing Strategy and Stick to It

Now is the right time to emphasize off-site promotion and creating a solid content marketing strategy. Content marketing is the process of creating valuable, interesting content and publishing it on relevant, authoritative websites in exchange for a reference or link to your website.

Offer your partner websites with good, insightful content that their visitors will take an interest in and encourage them to promote your website in return.

#9 Maintain your Rankings Over Time

You have taken all the necessary steps towards increasing your organic traffic and improving your rankings. Now you must work on maintaining all the hard work you have done to reduce the threat of reduced traffic or rank loss over time.

The key is to improve your content and site structure for optimal results continuously. 

Final words

When you are working on improving the rank of your website, you must avail the services of the best SEO services company to ensure transparency with the procedures.