A Helpful Guide for Students Wanting to Live Away From Campus


If you are someone who is either planning to or has already arranged and been offered a place at college directly after finishing high school, then the chances are that you are choosing to live on the campus or else in dedicated student dormitories.

However, for a variety of different reasons, it is becoming a more and more popular choice amongst both younger students and mature students alike to choose to off-campus, and if this describes you, then you have certainly come to the right place.

So, with this in mind, continue reading to discover a helpful guide for students who have decided to live away from campus.

Choose a Secure & Safe Area

Obviously, you would assume that this point goes without saying, but for some students who want to live off-campus, it can be understandably tempting to want to live in an area with considerably lower monthly rent.

However, without the proverbial safety net of campus life and the assumption that you will want to furnish your apartment and invest in electronic devices, a television, and at least one computer, you need to be sure that your belongings and your private space are safe and secure at all times. This is why choosing a safe and secure location is of optimum priority.

Budget for Your Financial Outgoings

Although there is indeed a wide plethora of advantages to choosing to live away from the college and commute into for your lectures and student social events, one undeniable benefit of living on campus is that bills and rent are entirely included in what you have paid. 

When using the established and effective CampusReel’s page on UVA admission requirements, you should utilize their information service to ascertain how many local transport links are to and from the college campus to accurately budget for your studies over the three years.

Choose Your Roommates

It may well be that you are financially stable enough, or indeed financially supported enough, to be able to live on your own, and while there are certainly many advantages to living solo while studying, it can be a financial burden.

It would also be pertinent to add that, unless you are extremely strong-minded, confident, and enjoy your own company, it can also feel somewhat isolating moving to a brand-new city and not having roommates to ease that transition. 

Always choose a roommate who has similar ambitions and working ethics to yourself and never, under any circumstances, moves in with someone who you meet outside of the college. 

The Top Benefits of Living Away From Campus

Even though choosing to live off-campus as a new student can be considerably more complicated and certainly holds a multitude of extra worries and responsibilities, there are indeed many fabulous benefits of choosing this accommodation option.

Such advantages of living away from campus include the following:

  • An enhanced level of freedom
  • A way to gain valuable and exciting life experience
  • Independently owned belongings and private facilities
  • A place for friends and family from back home to comfortably visit and stay