Why is Avast antivirus not scanning the Windows PC?

Avast antivirus

Avast is a security program best known for its freeware for Android devices. This antivirus provides both free and paid security tools to the users. For basic device security, you can install and run the freeware of Avast antivirus. But for better device and data protection, Avast antivirus provides advanced security tools. The interface of the Avast program is very simple. You can easily access and run all the tools on the device. But sometimes Avast antivirus starts showing errors with Windows devices.

Reasons behind Avast antivirus scanning problems

1.   Avast gets into some runtime error

2.   You have an incompatible Avast antivirus setup

3.   Registry files are not working

4.   Another program or antivirus is interrupting the scanning process

5.   Lots of junk files on the device

6.   Low free hard-disk space

7.   Avast program files are corrupted/missing

Troubleshooting Avast antivirus scanning issues

Restart the Windows PC

If your Avast program is showing the scanning program with the computer then restart it. The antivirus may show scanning errors when it encounters some runtime errors. To fix those files, you have to restart the computer. Check the running applications on the PC and restart it. Now go to the desktop and click on the Avast icon. Open the dashboard and click on the Scan button. Your antivirus will start scanning the computer and remove all malware.

Check the resource requirements

Avast scanning mostly appears when the user transfers the license from one device to another. Yes, you can transfer your Avast antivirus license from one device to another. But the OS must be the same unless you are using a multi-licensed plan. If you have an Avast plan for Mac and you are transferring it to a Windows device, it won’t work. Check whether the plan is under a refund policy. If yes, cancel the subscription and get a refund. Now purchase Avast setup for your Windows PC. But when the plan is not under refund policy, cancel avast automatic renewal to prevent further subscription. You have to purchase a new Avast plan for your Windows device.

Check the registry files

The Avast program starts showing scanning problems when the registry files are not working correctly. When these files get an error, they can’t find the required path. To fix your Avast error, you have to repair the registry files. Go to the computer and go to the registry editor using the Regedit command. After opening the registry editor you have to search for the Avast files. Check for the corrupted files and copy them. Save those files with the .reg extension and now start repairing them. Edit any of the registry files only when you know the steps. After repairing the files, restart the computer and now try to use your Avast antivirus.

Check for another security program

Your Avast program won’t scan if another security program is interrupting the scanning function. You shouldn’t use multiple security programs on the device. Whenever you want to install Avast antivirus, check for the previously installed security programs. If they have any antivirus setup, remove them. Also, check for the expired Avast antivirus setups. Except for your new Avast plan, remove all security applications and then restart the device. Now run the scan from your Avast antivirus reliably.

Remove conflicting program

Sometimes Avast programs stop working after you install a program on the device. This occurs if the installed application is malicious. Your antivirus often gets this error with third-party applications. Users often install free applications for editing, gaming, etc. These applications are free to use but also carry certain malware. Your malicious program starts interrupting the Avast antivirus scanning function. To fix the error, you should remove the recently installed program. Also deletes all the related files and then restarts the device. Now use Avast antivirus to detect and remove all malware from the computer.

Remove the junk from your Windows PC

Junk files are not malicious but often create problems for processes. Junk such as temporary files are not harmful but often interrupt other functions. If your Avast is not scanning properly, you should check for the junk on the device. Start checking with temporary files. Go to the temp folder and delete all files. After deleting temp files, start checking for other junk. Check the E and other drives of your computer. If you can’t search the junk manually, use the Windows junk cleaner tool. Go to the computer and open the run bar. Now type cleanmgr and hit the Run button. This utility tool will start inspecting the junk on your PC. After inspecting, a list will appear on the desktop. Choose the items to remove from the computer. After deleting junk, restart the PC and your Avast program will start scanning the device.

Update your Avast program

Your antivirus takes care of your device. But you also have to take care of your security program. If the antivirus is not working correctly. You should check for its latest update. Antivirus can’t scan new threats if its virus chart is not updated. On a Windows device, go to the Apps folder and click on Avast. Tap on the Update button and wait for some time. If the new update for Avast is available, it will start installing on the device. After completing the update, restart the device to apply a new update. Now open your updated Avast antivirus and scan the device.

Check the free disk space

Your antivirus will stop working if the free disk space is very low. When the hard disk is low, the computer only allows the system software to run. To fix this error, you have to increase the free-disk space. You can add an SSD or can transfer some data to other devices. If you can’t add an SSD to the device, check for the unnecessary files on the device. Delete heavy files like movies, and videos from the device. These files can occupy lots of space. Once the PC gets enough free disk space, your Avast program will start running.

If the user is getting an Avast error due to missing or corrupted files, he should reinstall the setup. Repairing the corrupted Avast program manually is difficult. Go to the Apps folder and uninstall the Avast program. Now delete all the related Avast files and then get a new Avast program for your device. After installing, you can scan your device easily.