All About Fighting Wildfires

All About Fighting Wildfires

Unplanned and uncontrolled, wildfires can become a big problem quickly. However, when wildfires rise, there are tools and trained individuals who will go into danger to put it out as swiftly as possible.

Tools That Are Used

When putting out wildfires, there are many tools needed. For example, a pulaski has an ax blade on one side and a narrow trenching edge on the other side.  It is used for grubbing, trenching, and helping create firelines.  Firelines are a barrier cleared of anything that could potentially feed the flames.  Bulldozers and tracker plows are also used to develop firelines more efficiently.

There is also a Bambi Bucket, a giant bucket attached to a helicopter.  It is used by submerging the bucket in a nearby water body and then dropping it on the fire.  There are also larger planes with tanks that can dump a considerable amount of water or a chemical retardant.  Along with these falling from the skies, fire engines also carry a large amount of water directly to the flames. 

The People Who Fight Wildfires

There are more than simply the firefighters when it comes to those who fight to put out wildfires.  There are a variety of teams that all contribute to snuffing out the flames. In addition, there are wildfire specialists that focus on preventing wildfires from ever happening.  Some lookouts are placed in different towers in more remote areas when wildfires are more of a threat.  There may also be a disaster relief company on-site to aid those who may have needed to evacuate from their homes.

A good number of people fighting wildfires are the ones on the front lines.  There are handcrews, tractor plow teams, hotshot teams, smokejumpers, and fire engine teams fighting in the direct path of the flames.

When it comes to fighting wildfires, there are many tools and people who all have a hand in smothering the flames.