Basics Beginners of Carom Game Online Should Know

Carom Game Online

You might have the faint memories of how you used to play carom during your summer vacations in your childhood. Indeed, those were the days when the charm of board games was all over the place. But if you want, you can bring some sort of similar thrill in your life even today. Yes, you can introduce carom game online in your life. 

If you are not sure about how to play carrom on the web, then relax. Once you know about the game and its rules, you can do pretty well. You should not crave for something that you can actually do even today. So, this post brings to you some basics that every beginner should know about this game before playing on the web.

Basics of carom 

The board in the web game is the same as you used to played on during our childhood. It has four pockets at the 4 corners. There are eighteen carrom men (nine black and nine white) and a red or pink Queen. A striker gets used to hit and move carom men into the four pockets. It might be a single player or even multiplayer game. You should acquaint yourself with the signs to give your perfect and win in the online game.

Pocketing Queen

The way in the realm of a physical board game, pocketing the Queen grips great excitement when you play carom on the web. Pocketing the Queen is not going to be easy as it has to be cloaked by pocketing a carom man directly after it.

To win, you just need to pocket all your Carrom men and even the Queen. You must not pocket your last Carrom man before the piece of Queen because you require one Carrom man to simply cover the Queen. The winner is going to get points equal to the number of the Carrom men left of opponentson the board along with the points of the Queen in case the winner has pocketed it.

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The opportunity to pocket your pucks (black or white) once it is your turn is known as a strike and using the striker to simply strike the pucks is striking. Have a clear strategy as well as aim at your carom men in the absence of making any foul, or any sort of chance of pocketing your opponent’s carom men. Be confident of the angle and the power that you are making use of and the effect it could have on the carom man you may be aiming at.


In case any player violates any of the rules of this game or receives the striker in the pocket, they would have to pay a penalty and their turn will end right away. It would be disheartening to make a foul when you are simply enjoying your game. It might even cost you the match. 


So, you can check out the variety in the realm of carrom game on the internet and enjoy. Once you know it inside out, you can do pretty great.