Can You Get Your Marijuana Delivered?

marijuana delivery

2020 changed the face of retail and disrupted recreational and medical businesses by shifting everything online. This also gave rise to marijuana delivery services in all of America. 

With its popularity came suspicions of its legality. According to Sundial, getting the greens delivered will be legal, depending on your location

Technically, the possession and sale of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes solely depend on the state government. Do you want to know more? Read on to understand the rules, regulations and considerations for delivering weed. 

Which states offer weed delivery in America? 

Most dispensaries across the country tried to accommodate various ways to serve their consumers online. In this industry, the pre-pandemic era had options for curbside pickup of cannabis, but home delivery was not an option. 

Once 2020 rolled in, the dispensaries started implementing the delivery essence, but only in a few states. 

Not only did the change in sales channels increase revenue, but it also made it convenient for the residents. If you live in these six states, you will find marijuana delivery to be legal and widely used.

  • Oregon 
  • Colorado 
  • Michigan
  • California 
  • Massachusetts 
  • Nevada 

Even then, there are strict regulations at play. For example, dispensaries have to get legal permission and will obtain a permit based on the logistics. At the same time, the expenses can also affect the delivery process. 

Are there any rules and regulations for delivering marijuana? 

As mentioned earlier, the state bodies control all the marijuana laws approved by the federal government. Legislators usually set rules based on the control boards. Then, the local municipalities modify and add specific regulations before implementing them. 

These will help justify and clear out the entire legal operations. Due to this, dispensaries can understand what is allowed and what is not. After 2020, the delivery services will also get included in this rule. 

So, some of the dictating rules depend on the operating procedures, especially the rule about car lockboxes and product limits. 

At the same time, some of the states above have regulations that allow dispensary employees to deliver cannabis. In comparison, other states authorize third-party platforms to work with various partnered dispensaries. 

Where can you get cannabis delivery options? 

In America, you can find various eCommerce websites that offer weed delivery. Similarly, some physical dispensaries provide the same, while there are retail review websites or menus. You can choose from various marijuana strands, but there is a condition. 

You must have ID proof and be over 18 years of age to purchase it online. However, the entire delivery process and time depend on the radius and local rules. 

Once you have selected your greens, you can make an online payment, while some require cash on delivery. All you have to do is pay a delivery fee and set a time slot for the delivery. 

In short, ordering online from dispensaries is not only easy but convenient. You can browse through the products online and find consumer-friendly prices. 

The bottom line 

Marijuana delivery has become the new norm for recreational and medicinal purposes.  However, it is only possible in six American states and undergoes strict rules. Moreover, the state government is in charge, especially of the lockboxes and product limit rules.

Not only do dispensaries require legal permission, but they also have to wait for the permits or work with a third-party facilitator. 

As a consumer, you can find the dispensaries online or look for menus of physical stores. However, you must have ID proof to gain access to this service.