Deep insight about letter of recommendation (LOR) to Canada


The word LOR decodes itself as a letter of recommendation. This is basically given by the project guide, professor or the manager whom you have assisted before. Without a doubt, a letter of recommendation is usually drafted by the recognized personality affirming for your experience, mastery, capabilities and accomplishments. You should know that a well-drafted LOR from the recognized body can surely help your application to study in Canada stand out from the crowd of students. The impressive LOR gives all-encompassing perspectives on your persona and the magnificent execution. 

The letter of recommendation encourages an admission officer to gain a versatile understanding of your profile. It also helps in choosing whether you would be the appropriate match for their remarkable foundation. Before moving forward let’s understand the true meaning of the LOR and why it is one of the essential things for all study abroad aiming students? If you look for meticulous information about the LOR then you can easily link with the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar.

What do you mean by LOR( letter of recommendation)?

 The LOR stands for a letter of recommendation. It is one of the most essential documents while applying to study in Canada. If you fail to submit this then there is no denying the fact that your chances for getting a Canada visa will surely decrease by some numbers. Whether you are applying for the bachelors, masters, MBA or Ph.D, you need to submit the LOR in every case. It is often known as the acknowledgement from some organization and after receiving this your admission authority will feel that you are credible enough to enter in their universities.

The aspiring candidates can contribute their great endeavours to get solid advice to enter into their ideal organisation. We have crafted this blog to provide you with decent information on how you can easily draft it for anyone. If the officials lack in drafting proper LOR then there could be reasons that you might suffer in the end. So, read this blog as this can majorly help you craft a magnificent LOR without any hassle. 

Let’s dive deep into the types of the letter of recommendations:

There are two categories of the letter of recommendation into two general classes. Those categories are basically dependent on the true nature of the recommender. 

  • Professional Letter of Recommendation 

The prominent MBA colleges often demand students to have predefined job experience for a certain period. These universities often demand professional LOR from the students to get entry into the paramount university. The professional letter of recommendation format is somewhat different from the academic one. It gives the authority the idea that how much knowledge, caliber and courage you hold to enter in their university.

The professional letter of recommendation is an extensive summary of how a student aims to pursue things in life. If your letter reflects the positive aspect of your personality. Then it can surely add more points in getting a Canada visa. If you find this whole concept a little bit confusing. Then we would highly advise you to connect with the best Canada visa consultant. 

  • Academic Letter of Recommendation 

This type of LOR is generally requested by the colleges from the past foundation to dig deep inside into the behaviour of the students. The LOR can be filed by your mentor in which he/she can describe your entire performa in their foundation. This is because to make the decision if the student can get admission or not. The LOR format usually differs from one faculty to another. Some write in a more appropriate manner.

Whereas some just give you the idea in a crisp manner. The true format is that the designing faculty should portray every major and minor information in a proper manner that it can help students get entry into their desired college. You can easily link with the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar for digging deep into the information about a letter of recommendation.

Why do you need LOR?

Any type of student who is aspiring to study on an international level needs a scholarly letter of recommendation. Whether it’s MBA, MS, UG or Ph.D, the students need to get a letter of recommendation to prove that they are authentic and reliable. If you are preparing for studying on an international level for a UG program. Then you can take the LOR from the educators, instructors, school advocates or administrators.

For the students who want to get entry into the MS program can take the LOR from the entry-level positions of the boss, group director, school educator and manager. However, for the MBA students, the LOR should be proficient enough so that they can easily get admission without any hassle. In the higher programs, the students can easily ask the LOR from the venture guides or the school guide. Before moving forward you should keep in mind that your LOR is your identity and it will help you in getting admission. So, you need to keep in mind that you should craft it by keeping every major and minor thing in mind. If you are looking for a source that can help you get the perfect LOR. Then connect with the best Canada visa consultant.

Final Thought 

We hope that this blog might have provided you with all possible information about the letter of recommendation. So, read this blog carefully as this can help you get entry into the best universities of Canada.