How to Break Mental Barriers While Preparing for Defence Exams?

Mental barriers generate a limiting belief in us where we start doubting ourselves regardless of our capabilities and calibre. It keeps us from achieving our desirable goals. Do you think it’s good for a defence aspirant to possess this trait? Obviously no! Mental barriers will always stop them from reaching their full potential. Also, it’ll be hard for them to surpass the challenges that life can throw at them. This way it can become an achilles’ heel to prepare for the defence exams. Therefore, it is vital for defence aspirants to break all mental barriers.  Believe it or not, you’ll feel like a free bird after smashing every mental barrier that blocks your way to success. 

Many 12th pass candidates prepare for the NDA exam. Are you stressed about how to prepare for this exam? Shun all your worries by connecting with an illustrious institute that offers excellent NDA coaching in Chandigarh. A coaching institute can instruct you to prepare for the written exams. It’s only you who is solely responsible for breaking your mental barriers. There are many candidates who work from their fingers to bone while preparing for the defence exam but still fail. What’s the main reason behind it? Their mental barriers always pull them backwards. Do you want to be a part of them? We know you would never like to count yourself among those candidates.  So, put in all the possible efforts to break these barriers. 

Here we have shed light on  some rewarding tips that can help you shatter every mental barrier while preparing for defence exams:

  1. Emotional management

If you want to be successful, then invest dedicated time in your personal development. Try to become your own manager, instead of giving control of your emotions to others. Also, be willing to correct your mistakes. Mistakes are proof that you are trying to do something extraordinary. This is the truth that no one is perfect. We all have impulsive reactions to various situations. But, a wise person will always look after his/her behaviour and correct it. For example: After failing in the first attempt, you may decide to give up and not give another chance to yourself. This is the most common decision every disheartened candidate takes. This is where they limit themselves. Failing once doesn’t imply that they’ll always fail. Instead, they should buck up and get ready for another chance. 

  1. Have a purpose

 You should be clear in your mind why you are investing your blood and sweat to a particular task. Remember, cracking a defence exam can help you secure an officer’s position in the armed forces. So, keep reminding yourself of your goals and never compare yourself with others. Also, don’t be an impulsive decision maker. Try to be patient and calm while preparing for the exam. Always consider yourself capable of cracking the exam and grabbing a desirable designation in defence forces. 

  1. Never doubt yourself

 Doubt has the capability to build mountains. On the other hand, your faith can help you cross the highest mountain. Isn’t it better to keep your spirit high and believe in yourself? Remember, after joining the defence forces you may have to face some uncertain situations where you have to make strategies on the spot and attack the enemy. Do you think doubting yourself can help you become a brave combatant? For sure, never! So, always be confident and believe in what you do. Be persistent with your hard work. So, do you want to be a part of the Indian air forces? If yes, then keep your worries at bay by preparing with the help of the finest source that provides the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.

  1. Overcome fear of failure

Candidates usually start feeling cold in their feet with a single thought of failure. Do you know why students fail in defence exams? Here are some reasons:

  • Inadequate exam preparation
  • Lack of confidence
  • Self-doubt
  • Feelings of nervousness and anxiety

These are the main reasons why candidates face failure in the examinations. So, try to work on these factors rather than fearing failure. Be a hard worker instead of frittering your time on overthinking. Additionally, give yourself a pep talk everyday to remain motivated. You can also talk with some candidates who have already cleared any defence examination. 

  1. Ingrain patience

Nothing worthwhile comes easy in your life. You have to spend some sleepless nights working hard.  In case you are unable to achieve your goal, don’t be demotivated. You can use some other way to achieve your goals. Remember, you can always change your strategies, but not the main goal. Never ever think of giving up after facing failure. If you are determined enough to grab a defence job, then you’ll definitely crack the exam. Therefore, you need patience to clear the defence exams. 

  1. Always find sources to feel motivated

 No doubt, internal motivation is a permanent solution to all kinds of negativity. However, not everyone has internal motivation. They need some external sources to find motivation and feel positive. Here are some external sources to feel uplifted:

  • Watching motivational videos on youtube
  • Reading biographies of successful people
  • Talking to some defence officers
  • Listening to inspiring podcasts

These are some of the easy tips that you can follow to keep your confidence high while preparing for the exam. So, what are your plans? How do you want to enter the Indian defence forces? By cracking the CDS exam? Let us tell you, preparing on your own can be a bit difficult. So, prepare easily with the help of an ideal source that offers perfect CDS coaching in Chandigarh.


 These are some of the best ways to smash every mental barrier that disturbs you while preparing for the defence exams. We would suggest every defence aspirant to never undervalue themselves. If you have dared to dream to crack the defence exam, then for sure you can make it a reality. Treat these mental barriers as enemies that you’ll face in the battlefield. So, shoot them with your self-confidence and strong belief.