FUE or FUT Hair Transplant

The FUE method of hair transplant uses many of the same principles as other hair transplant methods to extract individual hair follicles from the back of the head (donor area) without a scalpel or stitches, thus leaving no permanent scar.

For the follicular unit extraction or FUE procedure, Cosmed Clinic will follow these steps:

  • He will shave the hair on the back of your head and then remove the individual follicles from the skin on your scalp. You will start to notice some small marks where each follicle was removed.
  • As for the FUT hair transplant procedure, Cosmed Clinic will make small holes in your scalp and graft hair follicles into each hole.
  • Lastly, he will cover the surgical area with gauze or a bandage.

Smart Graft FUE hair transplant

Smart Graft provides the surgeon with a lightweight and highly ergonomic way to harvest hair follicles faster and more accurately. The hand piece uses a built-in illumination to illuminate the surgical field, Smart Punches are attached to the inner surface to help reduce transaction rates. The device itself features programmable protocols, which allow the surgeon to automatically adjust the frequency and duration of a sterile nebulizer solution to keep the grafts moist while they await implantation. By dividing grafts based on the number of follicles in each graft, the Smart Graft also reduces the time it takes for technicians to complete the procedure. Thanks to Smart Graft, surgeons and patients can reach their goal faster.

Are you an ideal candidate for a hair transplant in Mumbai?

Ideal candidates for hair transplants are those who have been losing their hair due to male pattern baldness for more than five years. If you have realistic expectations and fully understand that hair loss can continue to progress even after, you may also be an ideal candidate for a hair transplant. You can also have a hair transplant if you have experienced baldness for many years and the pattern has stabilized.

In general, anyone can have a hair transplant in Mumbai, especially if your main concern is hair loss due to trauma, burns, and other plastic surgery procedures such as a face lift.

FUE or FUT hair transplant: which is better?

Both FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant have their fair share of pros and cons for a higher degree of baldness. However, FUT hair transplant is more preferred than FUE, but if someone plants to maintain a haircut, a FUE hair transplant may be an ideal option.