Groundwork Exeter! For Better, Stronger, and Sturdier Buildings

Groundworks Exeter

Groundworks Exeter by southern foundation piling includes all the services that make the ground suitable for the construction of your building. No matter what you want to build whether it’s a house or a commercial plaza strong foundation is necessary but how can a foundation be strong if it’s laid out on the uneven ground.

Thus, groundwork is the first step of construction and holds the key importance in determining the fate of any building. Now, you may be thinking about what groundwork is? Well, as the name states groundwork is all the work related to the ground that is carried out before setting the foundation of a building.

In simple terms, it is the preparation of the surface for a construction project to start. This involves not only the assessment of the ground and checking its quality parameters to assess the suitability of the ground for the construction but also deals with the action to make the ground suitable for every kind of construction project.

All about groundwork

If you know about groundwork and its importance then it is good, but in case you don’t know then no problem we are here to help you understand all about groundwork. The first thing that you need to learn is the importance of the right groundwork before construction.

You may be thinking that setting out the foundation is the only groundwork but no groundwork included much more than that. Foundation setting comes after the real groundwork. Though it’s a part of groundwork it is not all about groundwork.

Demolition and clearing

The first step in the groundwork is the demolition of the previous setting where a new project has to be made. In case there is not anything to demolish at a place then only clearance activity will be carried out before anything.

These demolition and clearing activities are as simple as they sound but they are difficult to conduct because heavy machinery is required for them so, make sure you hire a good company for your pre-construction groundwork. In this regard, groundwork Exeter could be the best service you can have by southern foundations.

Assessment of quality parameters

There are plenty of quality parameters that need to be assessed before starting any kind of construction. In case you are considering construction in the environment-sensitive area then these parameters would be stricter compared to other areas.

These parameters allow us to know about the actual ground conditions because ground suitability plays a huge role in keeping the building in shape. If the Groundworks Exeter is strong in terms of quality then you can expect a good and long lifespan of your building. Thus, assessment of ground conditions by proper civil engineers before starting any kind of construction is extremely important.


At this step constructors or civil engineers plan out the overall structure of the ground. As the blueprint of a building has already been made landscaping is the formality that needs to be followed to make sure that the building would be standing in its right position. Southern foundations and piling is offering their best services of landscaping before building’s construction.

Foundation setting

This step comes after the clearance and assessment of the ground. As the name indicates at this foundation is carried out. Various kinds of protocols are followed or techniques are used to make the foundation strong. Among them piling is the most common one. However, these procedures are different from actual groundwork. Construction of foundation is the only activity that is included in groundwork.

Construction of sewers and drainage system

This is the most important step of groundwork. In general, we call it a plumbing system but in construction language, it is called a drainage system. A building without a proper drainage system is nothing, so this thing is considered.

Before anything to make sure that water doesn’t leak later due to improper drainage Piling Chard system construction and weaken the structure of the building by seepage. Thus, this important task is carried out at the very beginning. Though plumbing system is slightly different from drainage system they fulfill the same purpose.

Basement construction

This is also included in the groundwork. However, not many companies include this in their groundwork services so you need to see before hiring the company what services are included in their service of groundwork, but you can put your worries at rest because we are offering comprehensive groundwork services.