Guide to Proper Cleaning of Fiber optic component

Inspect the wiring area

Before starting the cleaning process, inspect the different sections of the optical cables. You will need to inspect the components, baffle, and Fiber optic component. Very good price, beware of the point of sale. If it is dirty, clean it with the cleaning method. If you clean it several times and the dirt still does not disappear, you should clean it with the wet cleaning method and then immediately switch to the cleaning method. Avoid cleaning waterproof walls and containers with a damp mop as you may damage the material.

When inspecting devices, use a handheld magnifier with an optical filter or lens. There are many types and brands of these devices in the market. For perfect results and easy time, use high quality magnifying glasses.

Clean fiber optic cables

When cleaning the various parts, make sure that the cleaning alcohol does not evaporate from the case. This is necessary to avoid material residues on the Fiber optic component and on the coating. If you let the alcohol evaporate, it will be difficult for you to undress. In most cases, you will need to use the wet cleaning method which, as mentioned above, can easily damage various parts.

When cleaning the various parts, be careful not to touch them. In addition to leaving marks on components and making it difficult to clean the cable, you also risk picking up broken glass that could damage you.

Good observation practices

To make it easier to clean your appliances and ensure your safety, you must be careful when handling cleaning tools and products. As a general rule, be sure to use resalable containers to store cleaning supplies. To avoid contamination, make sure the inside of the container is clean and the lid is tightly closed. When inspecting and cleaning devices, be careful not to look into the Fiber optic component when the system lasers are on. This is to protect your eyes from damage.


Here are a few things to do when cleaning your Fiber optic component. If you have the skills, you will need to clean the units yourself, but for the best results, it is recommended that you get a professional to help you.