A Guide to Understanding Amazon FBA Labels

A Guide to Understanding Amazon FBA Labels

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer. The reason behind its success is the fact that it keeps on adding new and exciting products along with various different services. Amazon has been successful for a very long time because it has broadened its target market to cover a large number of customers.

Amazon FBA

While discovering different online business opportunities, one of the first recommendations you’ll catch is selling through Amazon FBA. It is the most dominant way of making money. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program where Amazon fulfillment centers handle storing, packing, and shipping orders along with returns and exchanges.

FBA handles storing, packing, and shipping orders along with returns and exchanges. And this has improved customer’s trust on the product. You can use FBA to have a well-established level of customer service and satisfaction. Since FBA is doing most of the work, there will be fewer burdens for you and more work for FBA which is a good thing. This results in consenting you to scale your business.

The process on which Amazon works typically favors FBA sellers. The “buy box” is basically a box next to listings that gives the option to customers to click “buy it now” or “add to cart” rather than going through a list of sellers offering the same thing. You need to use your stats as FBA seller in order to win a buy box.

Perks of FBA

Using FBA really can upsurge your profits only if you know how to do it in a right way. In this technique you send your items to Amazon and they keep it in their warehouse and when they get the order they ship the product to the customer. But every time you get a sale you pay Amazon a storage and fulfillment fee. This method is best for the new sellers. FBA makes your item eligible for prime shipping.

Amazon FBA labels

There are basically 3 requirements of Amazon FBA labels and they are:

  • Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU)
  • Name of product
  • Product condition

The most important one among these is FNSKU. They are unique for each seller and its product. It helps in creating a standardize system that works pretty well among all the Amazon warehouses. 

How to print FBA labels

In order to print the Amazon FBA labels you need to follow some steps.

  • First, you need to login to seller central
  • From menu bar go to Inventory > Manage FBA Inventory.
  • Scan your list of products
  • Find the product from the list for which you want to print the label
  • Click the edit option 
  • Now click Print item labels in the dropdown menu.
  • Select the number of labels you want to print
  • Now click on sticker type or paper and choose your preference.
  • After you are done, click on print item labels 

Along with FBA labels Amazon private label is also useful for many reasons. It helps companies to maximize their profit.

There is some printer and label requirements as well that you should know and these are:

  • Try using thermal printers because they work best.
  • Print resolution can be of 300 DPI or beyond.
  • Set the printer scaling to 100% or none

Label requirements

  • Always use a white and non-reflective label paper
  • Use black ink to print barcodes
  • It is best to use removable adhesives

Now to get all these things done is a bit difficult and to make your work a little easy, there is RestockPro software. What it does is, it prints the exact number of labels and also excludes sticker waste. Not only that, it also offers a number of customization options.

Steps to place an Amazon FBA label

The next step is to stick your stickers. But sticking the stickers is not so easy. And here are few guidelines that you need to follow while fixing stickers.

  • Your new barcode should efficiently cover all other barcodes so that it’s the only scan able choice.
  • Always place a label on a flat surface.
  • Each and every item needs a barcode.

This was all about Amazon FBA labels and how to print them and use them. Amazon private label is also beneficial as it provides many benefits to the sellers. Amazon FBA is a great way to excel in your business on Amazon if you know how to do it. By using FBA you basically offer the customers to use their benefit of prime shipping. Prime shipping can attract completely new viewers who are keen to spend nearly double the average.