How to add or remove IDE ROM disk?

How to add or remove IDE ROM disk?

CD ROMS – If you are adding or removing an internal CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or other internal ROM with an open CD door, read on. Almost all IDE devices, such as CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, are installed or removed. If removing the ROM, first remove the patches on either side of the ROM. Make sure both sides are removed, or you may not be able to remove the device. When the screws are off, disconnect the retainer. Both the IDE ribbon cable and the power cord go to your board. There may be more fiber from your CD-ROM to the sound card. This cable allows you to play the sound from your ROM to the sound card, and then you will hear the CD playing on the disc. Remove all cables running to the driver. simple

To add a driver, you must first install the driver and remove the IDE brackets on the front of the case. The IDE frame is a simple piece of plastic in front of your case. When it is released, your driver may have access to the front of your task. Remove the plastic case, then attach it to the inside of the case in front of the storage case. Now if you do not attach it with a few screws, your store will not stay in place, so work on both sides of the store. Then, connect the IDE ribbon cable to one side of the ROM. The other end of the cable should enter the secondary IDE slot on the motherboard. If you do not know what to do, the main thing is to run the main (main) hard drive and the other will run on your turbo c++ download. Since one end is connected to the board, one end is connected to the storage, and the other end is connected to the center connector, so you can connect two ROM drives on the same cable. Connect the power cord to the storage. You can do this by attaching an audio cable, but it is not really necessary. If you want to listen to music from a CD, it’s best to copy the music to a hard drive and listen to it. This reduces the system resources you use and eliminates the hassle of slow computing.

Make sure the jump is physically set. The old hard drive jumper is mastered and the new hard drive is the slave jumper. If so, check the manufacturer’s manual. It also assumes that you connect these two drivers to the same IDE ribbon cable. This does not apply to SATA storage.

2) Old Hard Disk New Hard Disk – Primary Master to Middle Master (the old disk is connected to the master controller, the new disk is connected to the secondary controller).

However, if you are using a secondary controller, you will need to access a new hard drive. This does not apply to SATA. The SATA repository is configured on BIOS systems. Use your BIOS system to configure drivers. However, this configuration (IDE) assumes that if the CD-ROM is connected to a secondary controller, there is no other connected device. Jumping into a slave and making him a secondary slave.

Note that the red dot power supply on the IDE tape must pass through each power supply. If you connect the tape to the opponent, the hard drive will not work. It works for IDE Drive.

If you intend to back up your computer without a second drive. You will need a program to share and share your hard drive. Most of the programs I use require hard disk partition size, also known as partitioning. Explains why the system is backed up in the wrong part of the repository. The best rule is to use one part for your daily routine and the other part for backup purposes. So if you have problems with the system, you can easily backup the system.

So how do you copy a hard drive? You can not drag files from Windows to the new drive. You need to make a copy of your driver page, including all hidden files, used files, and other junk that are not displayed in Windows Explorer.

Power users rely heavily on Symantec’s Norton Ghost, which makes page-by-page copies or clones of hard disks. But for $ 70 a copy, it can be a bit pricey for something that most people can use once. (In Ghost Justice, the software includes a number of additional features suitable for general backup usage.)

You know what I’m going to say next: What about the free version? Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

Like Ghost, Clonezilla is not for beginners. You turn the program into a downloadable CD, which takes you through a cloning process such as DOS. The amount of information that is revealed can be dangerous, but most of it can be ignored. To copy a disk, select the Disk option in the menu and let it do its job.