How To Create A Video Email Signature

Video Email Signature

Video Email Signatures are one of the simplest and effective ways to interact with your client and be the ice breaker. Video Email Signatures efficiently create a personal bond with your client and leave a lasting impression about your business. 

Now you must be wondering what Video Email Signatures are? Well, worry not. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know and how you can easily create Video Email Signatures. 

What are Video Email Signatures?

Video Email Signatures are the videos that are traditionally placed next to your email signature. They are either embedded in the email or are present as movable images. ‘Customer is the King’ and the need to interact and leave a lasting impression with the customer has increased many folds over the last few years. With the cutthroat competition, businesses need to stand out, and what better way to show how different you are than explaining your business to the client in a video in the email itself.

So how does a video email signature help? With video email signatures, you can explain your brand and your brand’s philosophy. You can also get creative and create your own brand’s style. 

Why should one include Videos in a Business Email Signature?

There’s no denying that your emails are your first step to business communication, so why not leave a lasting impression and give a personal touch to your business emails. Video email signatures can make a mountain of difference in your marketing strategy and outreach. 

You can easily create an introduction video about your business and talk about your organization. This will give the email recipient more ideas about what you have to offer and help them better. Think about it, people generally don’t have time or sometimes will to read lengthy documents or emails. A short video about your business will guarantee their attention at the end of the email. Also, if someone is reading your email on a mobile or handheld device, they wouldn’t want to go through the long email. Most people would prefer watching the video rather than reading long paragraphs. 

On average, your marketing team will send 2-5 marketing videos to the potential customer every week. Unfortunately, most of them are going to end up in the trash. Hopefully, a video email will give them a reason to engage with you, and you can have their attention. It will also provide them with an anchor to start the conversation, and they would like to know how your business can benefit them. It helps both the companies and clients. 

Now that you know how a video email signature can benefit you. Let’s discuss how to create them. 

Creating Video Email Signature

  1. Create a video to increase engagement

A professional video email can be as good as the company’s promo video. You can hire professionals or make it yourself. However, make sure you have the script ready and know how the Video will progress. There’s no set of rules regarding video scripting, which gives one a substantial creative room. Make sure you know your target audience and curate the content for higher impact. You can use any easy online video editor like InVideo to create and edit your videos. These online video creators have many templates and features to help you create professional-looking videos within minutes. 

Quick tips for recording video:

  • Use proper lighting. Videos made with dull or improper lightning are hard to see, and viewers lose interest quickly. 
  • Try to shoot the video in higher quality. The better the video quality, the better the watch experience. 
  • Keep your script and video content to the point. You have just a few minutes or even seconds to make a lasting impression; use it wisely. 

Create an impressive thumbnail

Your work doesn’t end just by creating a video. You will have to add a thumbnail to the Video as well. Your thumbnail can be the deciding factor for the client, whether they want to watch the video or not. Ensure that the thumbnail is impressive enough for the client to click on the Video. 

Quick tips on creating impressive thumbnail:

  • Always add a play button sign on the thumbnail to let the reader know it is a video. 
  • Your thumbnail should be around the same size as your email signature. 

Attach the Video to your signature

The only thing left now is to add the Video to your email. All the mail providers give you an option to embed the video on the email by adding the thumbnail and redirecting users to the Video. 

Attaching Video Email Signature for Gmail

  • Click on the Setting icon on the top right of your inbox. 
  • Click on See all Settings.
  • Go to General > Signature.
  • Click on the Insert Image button to add the thumbnail. 
  • Highlight the image you just uploaded and click on the Hyperlink icon. 
  • Add the URL with the Video. 

Attaching Video Email Signature for Outlook

  • Click on the Mail> Signatures on the top of your outlook inbox. 
  • Click on Create a Signature or choose the existing one. 
  • Click on the Add Image button to add the thumbnail. 
  • Highlight the image you just uploaded and click on the Hyperlink icon. 
  • Add the URL with the Video. 

Attaching Video Email Signature for Apple Inbox

  • Open Mail app on your Mac
  • Click on the Mail> Preferences from the window toolbar. 
  • Click on the Signature tab. 
  • On the blank area, drag and drop the thumbnail using the finder. 
  • Highlight the image you just uploaded and click on the Hyperlink icon. 
  • Add the URL with the Video. 

Hopefully, this article has equipped you with everything you need to know about the Video Email Signatures, how you can create them and attach them to your emails. Video Email Signatures are still very new in the market, and not many businesses have started using this with their signatures. This gives you an excellent time to stand out among the crowd and leave a lasting impression with a nice, clean, and descriptive email video with your signature.