Notable things to remember while buying violin accessories: Everything one needs to know


Music is a vast field, and many aspirants are there who consider music as something which is a way to escape reality. Music is something without which many whose days are incomplete one. Many aspirants have the dream and desire to make their career in music. Many have the right passion, which will help one overcome all the challenges that ultimately make one fall in love with that musical instrument. 

Violin is one of the classical string instruments which has been on the top of the demand list by the musical instrument aspirants. Many aspirants desire to play the violin smoothly and play like their idols performing live on stage. On the other hand, many desire to play violin or cello as they are both classical string instruments. But before knowing how to play the violin, one need to buy the best violin strings and violin bow. The music aspirants should never forget that it will be very challenging to play the violin or any other instrument without having the proper accessories in an optimised manner. 

Things to check before buying the desired bow: 

There will be few demands for the violin bow and cello bow if one is very new to this musical field. Use of expensive bows is not required if one is a beginner. While it should have a proper balance, the bow for the beginning learners should be a proper stick. The demand for the learner will increase, as the learner will get experience in playing. There are other things to check, which one has made up their mind to purchase the best violin bow or cello bow. Few notables which one has to follow are as follows:

Tune produced: 

There is a common myth that many new strings instrument aspirants have that the bow of both violin and cello produce the same tune. The sound of the musical instrument will also change with the various types of a violin bow or cello bow. When one starts to play the string instrument, one will be surprised that various bows create different sounds from the string instrument. One needs to understand that the audience needs to hear the sound when playing since one can hear it through their ears. When one plays the string instrument, one needs to feel the full and smooth sound. There should be enough clarity in the sound produced by the instrument. There will be more focused and brighter sounds if the bow is solid and stiff. 

Check the balance of the bow: 

Violin and cello strings are very different structurally and materially, but both are traditional string instruments. The central fundamental part is the bow through the stroke of which the desired sound is produced. The average weight for a violin bow is around 50 grams. But it is just the weight of an average beginner violin bow. While providing a beautiful sound, the average weight should be 60 grams. So one should definitely avoid the violin bow if the exact weight is more than 65 grams. At the same time, the average weight of the cello bow is 65 grams.

When it comes to playing violin or cello, the balance is more significant than that of the bow’s weight. The music aspirants must choose such bows to feel in their hands. A bow should feel natural in hand while having the right balance and weight. One should hold the bottom tip of the violin bow and check whether the hand of the violin aspirant is shaking. If the hand is shaking a little bit, one should instantly understand that this bow is not perfect for one to move on with. 

Check the shape of the bow: 

Various types of bows are widely found in the music store, and it is always suggested that if one has the least experience of the same. Then it is the responsibility of the aspirant to ask about the same to the music teacher as they are the ones who have much more experience in this particular field for a longer time. The two most popular shapes are available in the bow one is round, and the other is octagonal. It is always suggested that the round violin bow will be just fine at the starting level if one is just a beginner for them. But if one is an experienced violin player, one can choose the octagonal violin bow. While choosing the octagonal bow, one can produce a tune using that bow and striking the strings from multiple angles to produce various tunes.

The material used in the bow:  

The violin bow or cello bow is usually made from wood, and there are very few made from fibreglass. Now one should remember that the wooden bows are very delicate to handle, and one must be very careful while dealing with such bows. Just like the string instrument like violin or cello, one needs to take special care of the bow. Therefore, if one is a beginner, it is always recommended that one always buy such a very flexible bow, lightweight, and must have a good grip.  

Tips for maintaining the bow of the string instrument: 

Here are a few fundamental tips that one should always blindly follow if one desires to keep their musical instrument and the accessories safe. Few such fundamental tips are as follows:

Buy a good instrument case: 

Maintaining the violin requires one to take proper care of the violin. This will require one to invest in a quality violin case. It must be made with excellent materials to ensure durability and keep moisture from entering. In addition, one must get the ability to strap the neck of the violin as it ensures being secure while travelling with the violin. Finally, if one is a traveller and love to travel with their violin, one must spend on a good violin case. This will provide an extra life span for both the violin strings and the violin bow. 

Clean the strings every time: 

One must have seen the accumulation of white dust on their violin strings, known as the rosin dust. If the violin strings are left untreated, it can make the instrument clingy. Since rosin is sticky in nature, one must not leave them untreated. This can damage the finish of the violin or cello and can result in revarnishing the instrument. So cleaning is essential for every string instrument aspirant.

Therefore, while one plans to play violin or cello, it is always recommended that one should keep a fair idea about the cello bow, violin bow and last but not least, the violin strings. These all are so crucial that without taking good care about the same one can’t increase the longevity of the musical instrument. 

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