The Essence of Musical Composition

Musical Composition

A musical composition is the written expression of an original musical idea that can be interpreted by performers. This article will introduce you to the basics of musical composition, as well as show you how to start writing your own musical compositions using software and templates created by

Writing Process (Being Attentive)

Being attentive is an important part of musical composition. If you’re not paying attention, you won’t be able to effectively weave together notes into a unified composition. To write a great song, or any piece of music for that matter, you need to pay attention during each part. It is also very important to attend to your audience; they’re giving you their time and attention because they want something—entertainment (hopefully), emotional release, etc.—from your work.


Any good composer will tell you that it’s impossible to compose without incorporating elements of improvisation. A composer must hear his music in his head—he cannot get it out on paper until he can hear each note, each chord, and each rhythm. The problem is: you can’t play your music if you haven’t written it down, so how do you bridge that gap?

Recording Sessions (Adding Vocals and Instruments)

The digital revolution has made producing a song easier than ever. But what if you want to put some real instruments and vocals on your song? This is where recording sessions come in. Recording an instrument or voice adds a new level of polish to your song, but it isn’t always easy to figure out how to book time at a recording studio (or if you should even book time). And if you do get into a studio, do you record all at once, or track your parts one by one?

Mixing And Mastering Session

When it comes to creating your music, some people would take full control and do everything on their own. Others would want help from someone they trust in order to achieve their vision. If you fall into that latter category, then it’s time to hire a professional mixing and mastering engineer. The sole reason for hiring a professional mastering engineer is because you don’t have to sacrifice quality for value – quality and value should go hand-in-hand!

Publishing on Platforms (Zedrandmusic, etc.) is a music publishing platform. How do they publish music on platforms ( )? What tools or technologies can I use to get my song onto Zedrandmusic? How much does it cost to publish my song on a CD? Do I need any special software for publishing music to CD (Zedrandmusic, etc.)? Are there advantages to using physical CD’s vs. digital distribution systems (Zedrandmusic, etc.)?

Music Promotion

The Importance of Marketing and Promotion – Music is a universal language that can speak to any human being on any day. The only issue is when music creators aren’t speaking about their work, no one else will either. This article will cover some marketing and promotion basics for new musicians looking to share their work with an audience. Use it wisely!

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