Top 5 Hair Damaging Habits to Avoid

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While everyone likes to get into a haircare and skincare routine, a few things need to be unlearned as they damage your hair. It doesn’t matter whether you wear your hair short or long; it is your crowning glory; however, sometimes, you make hair-damaging mistakes without even realizing it.

Don’t worry; there are simple fixes, too, such as using the right shampoo or hair transplant.

Here is the list of five hair damaging habits to avoid:

Applying Conditioner Wrongly

One of the biggest mistakes that loads of people make is to apply their conditioner directly onto their scalp. By applying the conditioner to the scalp, you accidentally clog your hair follicles and subsequently slow down your potential hair growth.

The right way to apply conditioner is by applying it on the hair ends only to protect your hair against potential damage and keep it hydrated.

Using Wrong Temperature for Blow-Drying

Our hair is quite sensitive to temperature. And talk about a too-hot blow dryer, which can thoroughly fry out the fine hair strands ā€“ unbeknownst to you. Not to mention the resulting split ends and frizz.

Patience is a virtue to nearly all things, including your hair. That said, we recommend blow-drying your hair by keeping the blow drier on the lowest heat setting possible. So, to make your hair dry faster, don’t burn them by using the wrong temperature for blow-drying.

You might be spending a couple of more minutes, but at least you won’t have to deal with any hair damage later.

Intense Drying with Towel

Another hair-damaging habit is the intense use of a towel for drying your hair. You might not know that intense towel drying creates harsh friction against your hair cuticles, which subsequently leads to damaged, dull, and frizzy hair. We recommend swapping the towel with an old t-shirt as it will be much better, softer, and smoother on your hair since it is made of microfiber.

Using the Wrong Comb/ Brush

Are you using all kinds of combs and brushes on your hair? If the answer is yes, then it is high time you stop doing so. Unbeknownst to many, plastic, metal, and synthetic brushes increase hair breakage and weaken the hair as these brushes are not porous compared to natural brushes.

For less hair damage, we recommend using brushes made with boar bristle. Boar bristle brushes are considered the best hair brushes for stronger, shinier, healthier, and smoother hair structures.

Tying up Wet Hair

When your hair is wet, it’s most fragile. You may braid it, pull it up into a bun, or whatever you fancy while it is drying ā€“ it can result in breakage. Using a hair tie while your hair is still wet can also result in a weird hair texture once it has dried. Not to mention the potential damage caused to the hair if you sleep on wet hair.

We recommend using a styling cream and slightly twisting hair in sections as your hair dries to put no stress on the hair strands.