Understanding 3D Exterior and 3D Interior Rendering

Gone are the days when manual rendering of 2D images was the main way of presentation by architects and interior designers. All construction industry professionals today rely heavily on 3D interior rendering to sell their designs to customers and give them a true picture of what their final product will look like.

Although the creation of 3D external and 3D images, artistic regression of the mind is an absolute necessity, completely different skills must be chosen from a traditional artist. 3D rendering is quite different from 2D and hand rendering. For the last scene, visualize from the beginning on a flat surface. Colors are used to depict materials and finishes, while shading techniques reflect lighting and help achieve a certain degree of realism.

3D rendering is a completely different ball game. In the 3D interior, the whole room is visualized using 3D words in the virtual space. All aspects such as walls, openings and even furniture are worked out in detail. Similar to the 3D exterior image, the entire building is created in 3D on a computer, describing each architectural element in detail. This is done using a sophisticated computer program, the most famous of which is 3D Studio Max.

Initially, the surfaces were not given color or texture. The whole model is built into the 3D frame grid. Imagine a house made of matches and you get a grid-shaped image. Only with multiple joints and denser tissue.

Once the grid is installed, it’s time to bring the model to life by adapting the material and finish to each surface. You can display anything from metal to glass and even clothing and water. At this point, the final look of the work of art can be better appreciated. This turn is also the best opportunity for a designer to explore their creativity, as it is possible to rotate and view objects from all angles. He can analyze his design for any defects and make adjustments. No changes can be made to the 3D model after this time.

Finally, light is added to the model, the scene is selected based on the best point of view and angle, and the image is reproduced. It’s a long process that takes place on your computer using special display software that adds realism to your image by highlighting lighting effects. The end result is a 3D exterior rendering or 3D interior 2D image with photorealistic quality.

3D exterior design is becoming increasingly important as it’s more and more commonly used for property marketing and for property presentations.

3D exterior design rendering is a great way to create a 3D model of a structure so you can visualize exactly what the final product will look like. It allows you to plan an entire project ahead of time. You can explore what the building would look like in different environmental conditions. It allows you to explore your creativity by designing your dream house.

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