How to Watch Cartoon Shows on Android Smartphones – 2 Easy Ways You Need to Know

Cartoon Shows on Android Smartphones

Smartphones have made it easier than ever for everyone to watch their favorite cartoon shows online. If you want to watch a cartoon series but you don’t have access to a PC or a laptop, you can use your phone to watch the show. 

Watching cartoon shows on android phones is quite simple. And there are multiple ways you can go about watching your favorite shows.

In this article, we are going to share with you the two best and easy ways you can watch cartoon shows on your smartphone. 

Let’s get straight to it

Method #1 Using Online Streaming Apps

The easiest way to watch cartoon shows on your android phone is by using an android app. Below are the best android apps that you can use for streaming cartoons on your android smartphone. 

  • Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a great app for streaming cartoon shows on android. This app features the latest anime series, which are Japanese cartoons. You won’t find American Cartoons here. But still, the app is quite extensive in terms of the collection of content it has to offer.

Crunchyroll is the best alternative for kisscartoon as it is a paid app. There are no security risks associated with this android app. If you have a laptop, you can access the web version of this app to watch anime shows. 

  • Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video stands out as one of the leading online streaming services out there. This streaming service features the latest cartoon shows that you can watch here, after buying the subscription. 

This app is quite good in terms of pricing and content quality. The Amazon Prime Video app is lightweight. So, you won’t have any kind of problems using the app on a smartphone with low resources. 

  • Netflix

Netflix features the newly released cartoons and anime series. This app is widely used for its affordable pricing and remarkable content quality. 

You can check out the massive collection of cartoon shows on Netflix and choose the ones that you want to watch. 

Method #2 Using the Mobile Web Browser

If for some reason you can’t download online streaming apps on your android, you can use a mobile web browser to visit the websites for streaming cartoons.

Here are the best options for streaming cartoon shows using your mobile web browser

  • GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is a renowned online platform for subbed and dubbed Japanese anime shows. Its UI layout is quite similar to movierulz ps. GoGoAnime is a wonderful website that offers an awesome library of shows for kids. 

The advanced search features of GoGoAnime make this app a preferred choice in terms of ease of access. 

  • ToonJet

ToonJet is a recommended platform for streaming cartoon shows. This website is quite light and doesn’t put the web browser under a lot of pressure. 

You can use this app on any mainstream web browser. ToonJet features a massive collection of trending and classic cartoon shows that you can watch here, without much hassle. 

  • Disney Junior

Disney Junior platform is for people who prefer Disney cartoons. This website features all the latest and older Disney cartoon series that you can watch here.

Since this app is paid, you’d need to set up a payment system to use it. The app is quite secure, so you won’t have to worry about security risks with Disney Junior. 

All in all, the Disney Junior website is great for watching the classic Disney cartoons in HD quality. The mobile support for the web app is quite good which makes it stand out from other options for watching cartoons on android. 

Final Words

Watching cartoon shows on android devices offers you better ease of access as compared with doing the same on a PC or a laptop. Using your phone, you can gain access to your favorite cartoon shows regardless of the place that you are at. 

If your android smartphone is connected to the internet, you can use that to watch the shows on your phone. 

So, check out the methods for watching cartoons shows on android that we have talked about here. And if you have any questions about watching cartoon shows on android, feel free to reach out to us. 

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