Ways In Which Companies Can Recognise Their Employees Standout Performance

Recognising the immense work ethic and hard work that employees bestow on a company is one of the cornerstones of a successfully growing business in Australia. Having a rewards and recognition programme can go a long way and can help these employees feel valued and appreciated, making them feel more inspired to do a better job. Buying Starbucks Gift Cards, offering vacations and congratulating them in front of other coworkers are some of the ways that Australian companies can reward their working staff.

Employee recognition can boost confidence and invoke a feeling of accomplishment for the individuals who put their hearts and souls into completing a project or an assignment to the best of their abilities. With that being said, here are different ways companies in Australia can reward their employees for their accomplishments and effort:

  1. Appreciate Their Work Personally: Want to make the employee feel special? Thank them personally for all the work they’ve put in. Take the time to understand the effort they’re putting in and appreciate what they are bringing to the table for the company. There’s no need for a grand gesture; just a firm handshake with a heartfelt appreciation is more than enough. For the boss or the manager, the whole thing may not amount to much, but for an employee, it’ll make their day. However, it is understandable that time may not always be available for the bosses and employees to get together and talk. If that’s the case, a handwritten note will do a splendid job of sending the right message. As an added note, be specific about what they did for the company that was so special and deserves praise.
  2. Office Parties And Time Offs: It’s not uncommon to hear about companies in Sydney and Melbourne hosting small parties in bars or other areas for employees after a project is completed or a milestone is reached. Companies can host parties in the buildings themselves, and employees will appreciate the gesture and have a great time too. Time Offs can also be an excellent way for companies to thank their hard-working employees. After a few hectic project weeks, give the team a few days off to let them wind down and relax. They’ll be back in the saddle with high spirits in no time.
  3. Monetary Bonuses: Gift Cards can be a great way to reward employees as it is convenient and viable as a reward system. Buying Starbucks Gift Cards or those of other popular brands makes it easier for employees to appreciate the gift. Compared to monetary rewards like cash, gift cards and other incentives like discount coupons are easier to procure and hand out. Cash rewards are best suited for low-level employees, and salary hikes and bonuses should be for those who take the most responsibility for the work.
  4. Displaying Achievements: Companies can also boost the recognition of their employees by posting gratitude on the company website or blog. Managers and bosses can also display employee achievements in places where the staff is bound to hang around, like the cafe, the lounge and other recreational areas. Featuring the best employees will motivate others to work their best.
  5. Field trips and other company activities are also excellent employee recognition practices but not as common. Companies can also offer happy hours once a week where there will be BBQs, massages or fun-filled games and events that employees can participate in.

Don’t hold back on appreciating employees for what they do. Even a casual high-five can go a long way!