Biography of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

gabriel kuhn and daniel patry

In 2007 a tragedy happened that involved two kids named Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry; moreover, this tragedy shocked people across the world, all the more specifically gamers. So what made this murder case so famous?

Its worldwide popularity is because the two kids were gamers, teenagers, neighbors, and friends. In this article, you will figure out why this murder occurred, where, how, and the lifestyle of the two teenagers.

Why was Gabriel Kuhn killed?

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were good friends, and the one similar thing that united them was a game called Tibia. In this game, Patry would earn a ton of digital coins; consequently, he would loan them to his friends, and exactly the same thing occurs between biographyh these two kids. Furthermore, prior to loaning those coins, Patry requested that Kuhn return them quickly, to which he agreed.

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Things flipped in any case when Patry requested that he return his coins, and he denied to do so; that made Patry angry, and he chose to kill him. But before that, he requested that Kuhn a few times return his coins, but all in vain.

Patry then, started calling his mother and telling her about digital coins; however, she was out of town that time. So she could help, Patry; rather requested that he hold on until she got back. But patry was mentally sick and had a short temper, so he went to Kuhn’s home very much like previously, but this time he convinced him to open the door, and if he asked for forgiveness, everything would become normal between them. Also Read

When Kuhn opened the door, Patry suddenly attacked without giving him an opportunity to protect himself and brutally killed him.

Lifestyle of Gabriel Kuhn

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were old friends despite the fact that Patry was psychologically not well. On the other hand, Kuhn was a friendly and obedient kid who had a place with a steady family. He was also great at academic activities and had great relations with his parents and teachers.

At the time of murder, he was just 12 years, meaning he was four years more younger than Patry. Official authorities avoid sharing additional information with respect to Kuhn, and we don’t have much information about this murder case.

Lifestyle of Daniel Patry

As mentioned earlier, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were friends because of their their similar interests. However, Patry was mentally unwell, so his parents showed him to a specialist, but sadly, he wouldn’t finish the treatment meeting or his treatment.

Moreover, he was a brutal and disobedient kid with terrible academic performance and would also miss classes. For that reason his teachers began complaining about him to his family. Since he was a short temper and violent kid, he would disobey his parents.


Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were two teenagers who got along because of their same interests in the game. At some point, Patry loaned 20,000 digital coins to Kuhn and afterward requested that he return those coins, but he would not do so, and that made Patry angry who chose to brutally kill him.